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(Almost) normal service is resumed

Finally got around to uploading the pics from my holiday (the only topless ones are of me – more than my life’s worth to do otherwise…) – see them on my Flickr page here.

Next thing is to upload the videos to YouTube…

It was a great week all in all, ther only bad point was the delayed flight back meaning I missed Lee’s funeral. I’d recommend La Pineda in Spain for anyone looking for a good holiday – the weather was great, food was awesome, beer was cheap and plentiful (1 litre of San Miguel for 1.45 euros πŸ™‚ ).

For the first time in years, I’ve actually got a suntan – even my legs got to see some sun. Actually, for the week, all I wore were shorts, shades and sandles – was a bit of a shock getting back to England and having to wear even a t shirt, then last night it rained when I was on my way to see the footy, so yet another shock having to put a jacket on…

Spain got through to the final though – up against the krauts. C’mon Spain!

Yid Army!!!

And so the Carling Cup final…Chelsea vs. Tottenham.


Not gonna go on about it a lot, but the jokes about satnav might slow down now – we know where Wembley is, and we did the job there.


COYS! the double is there…

Woohoo – Friday again

What a week it’s been:

Monday – well, Mondays are just Mondays.

Tuesday – hospital appointment in the morning. They’re going to take out the plate and screws in my ankle as the screws are now working their way out (I can feel 4 of them and wearing socks/boots HURTS). Then in the afternoon I had a driving test…which I passed πŸ™‚ I can now LEGALLY drive…Of course, the best thing that happened on Tuesday was the Carling Cup Semi Final, second leg between the mighty Spurs and the scummy arsenal – the first leg at the rubbish dump ended in a draw after we played them off the park and they were so lucky to get a last minute equaliser (I still maintain it was a handball by Walcott). Anyhoo, the second leg was at White Hart Lane and we once again played them off the park – humiliating them all through the game, scoring at will and coming away with a huge 5-1 win (6-2 on aggregate) that ended our 9 year hoodoo against them. That sets us up for a final at Wembley against Chelsea.

Wednesday/Thursday – Down in Bristol doing onsite testing…this always means loads of beer, ditto food, and ogling the lovely ladies. In theory anyway, the reality was the hotel was in the middle of nowhere and the pub appeared to be run by snotty nosed teenagers with no idea. At least the food was good (I ate far too much), and the beer was cold (Stella Artois, AKA ‘wife beater’).

And here we are at Friday…the weekend looms (still have to really celebrate)

Sunday sees Spurs travel to Old Trafford to play Manchester Utd. in the FA Cup – after tearing apart arsenal, I’m confident we can win this…


Stop! it's hammer blog time…

Well, Monday again – great weekend (again) πŸ™‚

Crappy weather, but good company and small amounts πŸ™‚ of alcohol make for a good time.

Harriett’s almost all ready to move next weekend – all the heavy furniture and other bits have been moved (either to my house or to a barn her friend is letting her store stuff in) – just one large wardrobe left – I’ll be taking that apart tonight ready to move it probably Friday.

For the first time in years, I’m actually looking forward to Christmas – I’ve been forbidden from doing my usual hiding away and to be honest, I feel happy about it too.

Sorry for lack of humour – go see Scaryduck for that.

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