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    A blog post…from me?

    Been a LONG time, but here it is – a new post 🙂 After dinner we were sitting at the table just chatting about the day and Lisa mentioned the amount of overtime I’m doing at the moment. “I know” said Kira, and looked at me, “YOU’RE the reason I wake up in the morning!” Of course, I took it the right way and said “That’s the sweetest thing anyone’s said to me.” Do you know just how much a 16 year old can glare? 🙂

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    A quickie for Friday…

    Been a great week – everything at work is ticking along nicely, and I had a day in Paris on Wednesday at the air show. Was a long day though…up at 2.30am to drive to Luton, arrived in Paris at 8 – FINALLY got to the air show at 12, got my ticket from the company we were there to have a meeting with at 1, which coincided with my needing some lunch (I did get a full english breakfast at Luton airport waiting for the boss and my flight, but 5 hours is a long time for me to […]

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    A lazy Wednesday post…

    Management Speak Truly the last resort for any wanker with very little to say, and an enormous fat gob with which to say it. I have actually heard the following phrases in meetings: “My_cat, you have failed to escalate this issue” This after I tried to sort a problem out without running to the manager. “My_cat, I am unhappy that you have PARKED this issue with me” This after I had run to the manager after the previous warning (see above). By the way, am I working in an office or an NCP? “I’m just Blue Sky thinking here – […]

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