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    Amazing facts…

    Yeah, I’ve not blogged in a while so here’s some AMAZING facts to see you through until I do: A mosquito has 47 teeth. The wheelbarrow was invented by the Chinese. Nobody knows who invented spectacles. In Tallin, Estonia, couples are not allowed to play chess in bed whilst making love. Owls are the only birds that can see the colour blue. Grapes explode when you microwave them. There are nine times as many people claiming Irish descent in the United States as there are people in Ireland. The millionth digit of pi is 1. Americans on average eat 18 […]

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    The weekend, football, spooky stuff…

    So, another great weekend – Spurs had a resounding 3-1 victory over QPR yesterday (I’d put a bet on us winning 8-1) to end the weekend as it started 🙂 I must mention first – Tash (Von’s youngest daughter) has just gone into hospital – her baby is due Thursday, but let’s hope she has an easy labour 🙂 Talking of Tash – she actually looks like this: Her nickname at the moment is “Seven bellies” ‘cos she can’t half eat! Anyhoo, halloween tonight. Didn’t get down to the King’s Head at the weekend as Lisa had the kids, but […]

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    Another great weekend

    Lisa didn’t have the kids this weekend, so we went out for a drink Friday and Saturday night. Our usual thing is head to the King’s Head for a couple, play some pool (Lisa is quite the player – beating me more and more now), then head off to the Pig and Falcon to listen to whatever band is playing. Sunday means an invite to Bri and Von’s for dinner (Von is a great cook 🙂 ). This week Tash (Von’s youngest daughter), and Bob were also there, so a fun afternoon was spent (Spurs played Blackburn in the football […]

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