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    0 thoughts on “'Nuff said…

    1. I love the San Antonio Spurs! Er….

    2. hahaha!
      Minna, that was priceless.

      1. Apparently, snee doesn’t think so….

    3. I is mostly not amused…

      Tottenham Hotspur (aka ‘Spurs’) were formed in 1852 – which to my somewhat biased mind, is some time before America 🙂

      So, Spurs = football and I mean REAL football, not namby-pamby rugby for poofs (aka ‘American football’).

      And don’t even get me started on that girl’s game rounders (I think y’all call it ‘baseball’)

      1. Hee hee! You’re cute when you’re all riled up. *Musses hair and runs away.

    4. Keeps quiet and doesn’t say a thing! 🙂 Hi snee!

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