Ah, Mo(a)nday again

    Not long left at work – couple of hours, then home via Tesco (I have to do bloody shopping if I want to eat tonight…).

    I shaved yesterday – this was after I pinched (Psycho) Tony’s flat cap and put it on the other day…his comment “You look like Zak Dingle!” was pretty much true…check it out:

    Should have taken a pic of me too, but tough.

    Also got my haircut today, so I’ve gone from scruffy, beardy bloke to smooth chinned arsehole 🙂

    And it’s great fun changing your appearance drastically – it confuses people 🙂

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    0 thoughts on “Ah, Mo(a)nday again

    1. Yeah yeah hair-schmair, but the important question is, did you have ‘The Talk’ yet?

    2. ok, not sure who this guy is, but he seriously gives me the creeps. I doubt seriously (without proof) that you looked like him!! I need to ask you to keep blogging, even if it’s one word blogs, to get his mug down the page! Thanks!! 🙂

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