It's that day again…you know – THAT day…

On the bright side though, it’s 3.30 in the afternoon so it’s nearly over (well, the work part anyway).

What a strange weekend I had – it was all up and down (oh stop it, I meant emotionally). Worked out OK in the end though – I ended up with a handmade snooker cue worth about £300 for £50 :)and yesterday was all about eating – had one of the Royal Oak‘s HUGE Sunday roasts at lunchtime with Liam (I invited Harriett, but she had her kids). I picked her youngest up from her mum’s after dinner for her, and when we dropped her off, Harriett decided to join Liam and me for a post lunch pint. Meeting up with another mate we then ended up going for another roast at the Toby Carvery in Bedford (Harriett joined us for this). So, at this point, Liam and me had both had 2 big roast dinners.

After eating our fill, we returned to the Tudor for a couple more civilised drinks (ha!), it got boring, so Chan and me wandered into town. Nobody was out, so we had a couple of drinks then decided to head back to the Tudor…via the chicken place – mmm hot wings om nom nom.

Shame Spurs couldn’t beat Fulham on Sunday, but after a draw we get the replay at White Hart Lane, and the winners go on to a home tie against Portsmouth – so, Spurs are 2 good home wins away from a Wembley final against Chelsea (who should beat Aston Villa in the semis)…

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