No, not ‘file transfer protocol’ – it stands for ‘FUCK THE POPE’

    £12,000,000 of taxpayer’s money has been spent on his visit.

    Hmm, let me get this straight – the queen invited the c*nt, not the catholic church (yes, I know I was raised a catholic, but don’t hold that against me), and yet the British taxpayer has to pay?

    FFS – why didn’t the queen dip into her (mostly undeserved) income and pay herself? who else wanted the paedophile loving prick over here? (should that read ‘prick loving paedophile?)

    I’m guessing I was fortunate as a catholic kid that I wasn’t good looking enough to have some perverted priest trying to molest me (yeah, the catholic church can fucking sue me – bunch of child molesting arseholes).

    Driving back from Stansted yesterday listening to the radio, it transpires they were practically closing roads for the pope’s motorcade (probably just to stop people ramming the c*nt off the road, or shooting him).

    I think I speak for 80% of this island in saying:


    The other 20% are mostly sheep – and I despise sheep (except the succulent meat they provide), stupid dumb animals that they are.

    Religion: “My god is better than your god.”

    We are born, we live, we die, regardless of which god we choose (or not choose) to follow. Extremists in all religions kill for the sake of their beliefs – I’ve met Muslims who speak more sense regarding Mohammed, than catholics who ramble on about this mystical figure who created the universe et al, and can somehow be himself, his son, AND some ghost???

    And the whole virgin birth thing – bollocks! Sickipedia has that one covered:

    Recent studies have found that chloroform has been in existence since at least 9months BC

    *sits back and awaits the flames* (I mean from REAL people, not some eternal damnation)

    PS – is it just me, or does the guy next to the bloke in the red hat thing look seriously pissed off at being there? – judging from his earpiece, he’s either security, or has picked up his wife’s ipod…

    Heh…found this:

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    One thought on “FTP

    1. Maybe the Catholic Church isn’t as well off as we’d all been led to believe. Or maybe they’re just keeping some back to relocate kiddyfiddling priests.

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