A typical Monday…

Was a bit late in (only 20 minutes or so mind!) as I had a case of “can’t be bothered getting out of bed”, but soon got into the swing of things.

I was caught up in my work when Corina suddenly said “The clock’s stopped!” and indeed it had, at 8.45 (I’m not a clock watcher so I hadn’t noticed). Thought I may as well change the battery in it so took it off the wall, turned it over and there’re 4 batteries in it (world time zones etc.) which confused me initially – then I just took the battery from the New York clocklet and swapped that with the UK time (who needs to know the time in New York anyway?).

My £300 winning ticket from last week came at the right time – I need a new exhaust for my car. Funny how I seem to win money when it’s needed 🙂 but fortuitous…

Beautiful sunny day here today – car was frozen slightly this morning, but it’s getting warmer – spring is in the air!

A friend advised me to drink less and eat more (along with exercise more too), so that’ll be Guinness sales down 😉 not a bad idea though – in an ideal world, I’d like to put on about a stone, and keep my trim(ish) figure (no beer belly here – sit-ups get rid of THAT!). That way, when summer comes along, I’ll look pretty damn good for an oldie…

So, all I have to do, is work out when I’ll be eating my 5 meals a day, and what to have (I’ll draw up a rough ‘diet’ when I’ve got a few minutes) – no Arie, I don’t want your delicious looking lasagne 😐 but ideas for meals that’ll put some weight on me would be appreciated (I don’t eat cheese though – except on pizza, and I don’t like too much of that either…)

Break over – time to get back to work…


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  • bu'er:

    You know it just sucks when I am here fighting to lose weight and you are asking for different kinds of food that will make you GAIN weight…grrrrr@ you! Pasta should work well for that, but I don’t have any specific ideas (not at work anyway)- Good luck on you getting fatter, then buffing up! *sighs

  • snee – you MUST put the battery back in the NY spot on your clock! My day is going slower than molasses in winter, and I blame YOU!

    As far as getting fat, I can tell you what works for me. I like to get really good and depressed. The kind of sadness and depression where you contemplate throwing yourself off a freaking bridge to end the misery. That way you won’t have to deal with your stupid fucking twat of a sister, or worry about bills or go to a job which you hate. That sort of depressed. Then, you need to realize that to fill the void which you’re feeling in your life, you should eat something really bad for you.

    Usually, things like pasta and sauce with a hefty serving of bread helps as Bu’Er had mentioned. Or, make a meatloaf and some mashed potatos and creamed corn. Then, no matter what you eat for the main part, make sure that you get a pint of icecream. Fool yourself, that you’re going to eat 1/3 of it – when really, you’re going to eat the whole thing. At that point, waddle to the kitchen to hide the evidence in the trash and put the spoon in the skin, a grab a beer to take to bed. The calories? They don’t matter at this point – you’ve already consumed enough for a week.

    That should work – or… so I’ve been told, anyway….

    • snee:

      Just for you I’ve left the battery out, but I HAVE set the clock to be 10.30am permanently 🙂

      And I’ve only ever waddled once – that was after visiting an ‘all you can eat’ Chinese buffet…heh – they looked at me as I walked in and must’ve thought “Woo! we got easy money here…” – how wrong they were 😀

  • Lisa:

    As you’ve just texted me to say you’re in the pub I guess the ‘drinking less’ bit didn’t last very long!!!!

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