Stop! it's hammer blog time…

    Well, Monday again – great weekend (again) 🙂

    Crappy weather, but good company and small amounts 🙂 of alcohol make for a good time.

    Harriett’s almost all ready to move next weekend – all the heavy furniture and other bits have been moved (either to my house or to a barn her friend is letting her store stuff in) – just one large wardrobe left – I’ll be taking that apart tonight ready to move it probably Friday.

    For the first time in years, I’m actually looking forward to Christmas – I’ve been forbidden from doing my usual hiding away and to be honest, I feel happy about it too.

    Sorry for lack of humour – go see Scaryduck for that.

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    0 thoughts on “Stop! it's hammer blog time…

    1. She’s moving in? I’m so happy for you both! I’m glad you won’t be hiding…although I’m not a big Christmas person…I do enjoy being with someone…glad we are both happy this year!! 🙂

    2. I never said she’s moving in – she’ll be moving to her new house in the new year.

      The people buying her house insisted they move in before Christmas or they’d pull out hence the moving furniture into storage (mostly my house)

    3. Well I’m sorry for assuming…I should know better. You didn’t say she was “storing” it at your house, so I thought you meant in with you. Anyway, still meant what I said that I’m glad you’re happy and not hiding.

    4. I’m glad I’m happy too. And thanks for being you 🙂

    5. Just checking in with you. Hugs and all that happy shit.

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