Another great weekend

Saturday was spent laying concrete at my mum’s (that would be Bob and me) in the hot sun – at least we had a mixer this time (good job too, we used 1 tonne of ballast!). Got most of it done now, just a little bit more to do next weekend. Mum fed us too – woop, woop!

Sunday I went to London with Lisa and the girls (Carys and Kira). Was a lovely day wandering about, visiting The Clink and SeaLife.

Kira winds her mum up by saying “I’m hers” – here’s the pictorial proof:


EDIT: I changed my favicon too – it’s now an icon-sized version of this:

9 Responses to “Another great weekend”

  • Lisa:

    …not only does Kira say that he belongs to her, she says that I’m only allowed to “borrow” him!!! 😯

  • Arie:

    She’s adorable!

    By the way – still think you should make your favicon a picture of Lisa. Apparently you didn’t get that subtle hint I dropped last time, eh?

    • snee:

      But – purple monkeys!

      Also, I added Lisa as a user on my blog, so she can post stuff too now…just have to show her how 🙂

    • Lisa:

      See how quickly the shine wears off, Arie??
      Already I’m being sidelined for blue ducks and purple monkeys. With that AND my daughters monopolising his time, I don’t stand a chance! 😥

  • But Lisa! You’re a user on his site! That’s more than I’ve ever been 🙁

    (please have one of your daughters kick him in the shin, for me. That will be my way of saying BE NICER TO LISA all the way from NY 🙂 )

    • Lisa:

      I’m a user on his site with absolutely NO idea what that means and how to make the most of it! (Although I can see a lot of ‘I love pandas’, ‘Mondays are great’ and ‘I really should massage Lisa’s back more often’ type comments coming along…) 😀

      As for the kicking his shins comment … I genuinely believe that Kira would stop talking to me if I asked for them to inflict any pain on ‘her Paul’! I’ll think of something else though… Mwahahahahaha 😈

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