Lee Bray

    Lee Bray

    Andy, Lee, Me

    My mate.

    Nobody could ever say a bad word against him – he never hated anyone, everyone loved him. He’s gone – I’ll never hear him call me honič again.

    I was speaking to him when I was at Wembley – a couple of hours later he died.

    I’m going to miss the fucker…no more drunken talks about brussel sprout curry, no more drinking ’til we fall off the bar stools. 26 years old and gone – I miss him so much.

    Last night in the Tudor we all had one or two drinks in his honour, there’s pictures up in there to remember him – most of them include me. It hurt like fuck every time I toasted him.

    His dad died a couple of months before mine – we had a bond, we helped each other through the hard times.

    Lee Bray – pisshead, bollocks talker. My friend.

    I love you mate, next beer’s on me.

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    0 thoughts on “Lee Bray

    1. Yup , much missed mate. His cheeky grin will always be remembered by all that new him.

    2. Bob, we’ve had a few in his memory tonight – and we’ll have some more…the twunt will be sorely missed

    3. I’m sorry my friend. I wish I was there with ya to drink one with you. I didn’t know him, but if he’s a friend of yours he must be a hell of a guy!! Hugs

    4. that was really nice and funny to read x my brother was a true legend x x

    5. My heart goes out to you snee. I’m sorry for your loss and happy you knew the love of a friend.

    6. I really miss him.. more than anybody will ever know..

      He might not be here to call you honic ever again but i am..

      YOU HONIC…

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