Mid week blues

    Ok, not exactly the blues – but I’m bored.

    Looking after a network with no losers users is boring…I miss the random machine reboots (always a fun one that 🙂 ), making the boss happy by increasing the speed he can surf t’internet (usually me just pausing whatever movie I’m currently downloading).

    Oh well, 1 week to go until England v Czech Republic at Wembley (this’ll be my 3rd visit to the place)

    I suppose I could always do some more work…

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    0 thoughts on “Mid week blues

    1. Work? Yes you should be working…like me! How can you get thru your day with out it? I work ALL the time…work work work!!


    2. Try being self employed. That way, not only do you get to surf all day every day, but then you don’t get paid either. Make the most of the boredom, when I worked in the local college, I did.

    3. I DO work – no really, I do…it’s just that everyone is out of the office on holiday so I have no-one to torment with random programs closing and the like. Oh well, at least there’s only a day and a half to go until the weekend (the weekend I was SUPPOSED to be going to V Festival – that’s another story *fumes*)

    4. “V Festival” = Virgin Festival? snickers 😉

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