Almost at 60,000 hits :O

    7 hits to go – will it happen today? QOTW this week is “Customers from hell”. One of the posts pointed to this site – it’s so funny…:D

    I’m trying to save some money – I’ve decided to buy myself a new TV/monitor and mayne a blu-ray drive…then I need to replace my bed (too noisy *whistles*), get new carpet in the lounge, renew my patio or maybe lay decking. Oh, and I need a new vacuum cleaner…

    And so I’m staying in all week – and was I bored last night – watched a couple of films then went to bed.

    Is this the start of middle age? it sucks…

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    0 thoughts on “Almost at 60,000 hits :O

    1. “replace my bed (too noisy *whistles*)”
      …thinks you better work some overtime and I don’t mean at home 😉

      just sayin…

      happy pre-birthday in 6 days!

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