Spider Pig revisited…

    OK, so I had a little to omuch time on my hands at work today so I was browsing YouTube (as you do) looking for the Simpsons episode where Homer finds his soulmate. Didn’t find that (yet – I will), but I did find this:

    Awesome huh? I just HAD to download it and convert it to mp3 so I can put it on my phone…

    EDIT: OK, if anyone wants it, the Spiderpig mp3 file is here (right click, save as to download)

    ‘NOTHER EDIT: Damn mobile keeps ringing today…what is it with some people? don’t they realise that SOME people don’t get to sit on their arses doing nothing all day and have to actually work to get money to pay for life’s luxuries (food, heating, accommodation etc.)

    Finally got a call back from CICA (the people who’ll be giving me my compensation money) – seems they’ve STILL not received the notification of the tribunal decision (this is 2 weeks later). And there was me thinking I’d have the dosh in my bank last weekend…


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