Last night I had my first nightmare in absolutely YEARS.

    I forget the details, but waking up at 2am screaming for my mum, with my heart thudding wasn’t something I enjoyed. Took about 30 minutes for my (normally pretty much perfect) heart rate to slow to normal, then another hour or so staring at the ceiling before I could get back to sleep.

    Still woke up proper at 5am, so I called it quits and got up.

    And so, numerous coffees later, I’m at work already wired – seems it may turn into a long day…

    Also, I decided not to shave anymore this year – should have a pretty good beard by then – this seems to be an annual thing – it all started when I actually had a family time at Christmas, the beard was to discourage anyone taking photos of me. Nowadays though, I don’t mind my picture being taken.

    Remember I mentioned I’m off to Morocco in March? (told you I’d be mentioning this more…) – well, tonight we book the flights 🙂

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