My eye…

    I’m going for the sympathy vote here – no chance of that from Rik, he’ll (wrongly) assume I was drunk when I did it…


    Not easy to make out, but there’s a small ‘w’ shaped cut above my eyebrow – let me tell you a bit of a story…

    ~~~ back to mid last week ~~~

    I was busy working on a PC in the centre of the office, doing my crouched down, bad tempered troll impression (one of the first things you learn about IT support is to always look annoyed and bad tempered), when the boss piped up with;

    “Where’d you get that black eye from?”

    Puzzled, I stood up and replied that I didn’t have one…

    “Never mind,” he replied “it must have been shadow when you were kneeling down.”

    A bit later I was in the Tudor having a post work beer when Wendy said I should have a tattoo of her name (I was discussing tattoos with a friend at the time). Of course, I came out straight away with the kind of crude comment I usually make in these situations, making her blush and scurry away, leaving me and Heath in stitches.

    So, basically, last week I was asked where I got the black eye from, and was told I should have someone’s name tattooed on me…

    And today: I have a black eye, and a small cut in a ‘w’ shape above my eye.

    Wendy’s brother Dennis is in Poland at the moment – I sent him the picture with the message “Help! your sister punched me! come back – Wendy is mean and we don’t like her any more…”


    EDIT: I forgot the football bit!

    We’ve signed Cudicini from Chelsea so we now have a goalkeeper (I like Gomes, and his game has picked up since he got his confidence back, Alnwick played well in his absence, but his lack of experience showed with Burnley’s first goal the other night). We’ve also got Chimbonda back from Sunderland – and there’s a rumour that Keane wants to come back to Spurs from Liverpool:

    Robbie Keane has been offered a potential return ticket to Tottenham Hotspur as he faces up to an increasingly uncertain future at Liverpool after his £20.3 million summer move.

    The Ireland forward has featured in only six of Liverpool’s past 12 matches in all competitions and, to the astonishment of some at the club, was left out of the 18-man squad for the

    FA Cup fourth-round tie at home to Everton on Sunday, with David Ngog, who has never started a Barclays Premier League match, preferred among the substitutes.

    The latest snub has left Keane, 28, more concerned than ever about his long-term prospects at Anfield and, while he intends to stay and fight for his place, Harry Redknapp, the Tottenham manager, has indicated an interest in taking him back to White Hart Lane, whether in this transfer window or at the end of the season.

    We’ve got our date at Wembley, out of the FA Cup – we can now concentrate on our League performances and get up in the top 5…COYS!

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    1. You mean you’re not always drunk?

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