70 hours…

And we’ll be taking off for Morocco 🙂

I really should start thinking about packing I guess…so much to do: get a haircut, have a shave (although I look kinda Muslim with my beard I’ve been told). Got to give Brian (lodger #1) instructions on feeding Gif – the cat will try to get extra food, greedy fat bastard!

And tomorrow is Ewa’s (lodger #2) birthday – Dennis will be back so we’ll go out and celebrate that, then Saturday to recover a little and off Sunday morning. Poor Harriett – she said she’d drive us to the airport, but didn’t realise the flight is 6am – that’s messed up her Saturday night out, she’ll have to go out Friday instead 😀 I’ll have to see if she wants to come out with Dennis, Ewa, me and whoever else is coming tomorrow…

I’m definitely in FULL HOLIDAY MODE now, and that’s not good – I have to concentrate on my work for the next day and a half to make sure nothing goes wrong while I’m away. I have instruction books/parts lists to finish, few quotes to chase up – should make the day go fast though 🙂

Oh, did I mention I’m off to Morocco on Sunday? 🙂

EDIT: I booked my holiday week off back in November so everyone here knows I’ll not be here – wasn’t a problem 😐

Until…Air Seychelles called the other day – they need their jacks tested for the end of next week. Now, we’re absolutely snowed under in the workshop and can’t afford anyone to be gone for a few days, so this is the one time I would have got to go to the Seychelles…but I’ll be in Morocco 🙁

I’m toying with the idea of asking if they do a flight from Morocco to Seychelles so I could take a day off to test the jacks…

But NO! I’ll be on holiday…

And the week I get back, I’ll be down testing in Bristol.

Recession? what fecking recession – we’ve never been so busy…

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