Just got in – yet another hectic day in the life of snee…

I’m off to the Munich Airshow next week 🙂 2 days of checking out the competition (for work!) and trying to sell our company’s services – should be fun, even if I do have to shave and dress in a shirt and trousers (and shoes! proper shoes!).

And believe me, when I say I love my job – it’s not just the travelling – I seriously love my job 🙂

I’ve got a Led Zep Too gig to see Saturday night – think I’ve mentioned it before – apparently they’re really good…tickets cost me nothing, so it’ll just cost the petrol for whoever’s driving (certainly not gonna be me – I’m having a few beers) – result! 🙂

So, the plan is: win the Lotto tonight (ha!), judging by the emails in today it shouldn’t be too taxing a day tomorrow, finish at 1 Friday…and the weekend starts there 🙂 )

My waking thought this morning was: green eggs and ham – I’ve been thinking about this at moments during the day, it’s quite disturbing really…

Well, that’s about it – gonna go cook and soak in the bath (at different times). Ciao

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  • Stop it! I have been bouncing that around in my head for two days since Minna did a green eggs and ewww gross, glenn beck post a few days ago.
    Then last night I went to The Boy’s last night and just keep thinking…
    I would do him in sand,
    i would do him near a band,
    I would do him in the road,
    I would do him in my abode….
    and on it goes.
    I would do him. period. (except then, ewww no)

  • snee:

    “If the river runs red, use the dirt track instead.”


    Anyway – you have a shower don’t you?

  • No snee, I use the bird bath. The neighbors have been staring at me lately. It’s kind of odd, don’t you think?

    Of course I have a shower, indoor plumbing and all. I just don’t like period sex. You don’t like blow jobs all that much, and I don’t like period sex. At least we can agree we are never having period blow job sex. 😀

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