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For the last day I’ve had what can only be described as: FUCKING AWFUL SERVICE on my phone (Vodafone). Yesterday, it took me about 2 hours and countless reboots (IT cure-all: “Did you try turning it off and on again?”), before I could connect to the network – no way was I calling their £fuck-knows-how-much-a-minute ‘help’ line, so I gritted my teeth (and started reading my T&C) and accepted it…it seemed to work itself out.

Today, I had a few problems sending texts etc. and, being the kind hearted guy I am (generally – I’ve not mentioned the work thing yet, I’m trying to work through it*), I put it down to a temporary issue with Vodafone’s network and thought they’d sort it over the weekend…just got a text “Sorry, got no signal” from a fellow Vodafone (think I’ll refer to them as ‘gotnofone’ from now on). Bless…but she is blonde (and lovely 🙂 )

I’m cooking boeuf bourguignon right now for tomorrow – it smells so good, and of course, half a bottle of wine for the pot, half for me…and then open another bottle for me 🙂 so I’ve sat and drunk most of that while watching ‘Highlander’ (classic film IMO) and am now feeling very happy 🙂 which is nice…

*Ah, yes…well, Tim (allegedly ‘Works Manager’ – couldn’t manage his way out of a fucking brothel – and he should know, he married the ugliest fucking Thai bird I’ve EVER seen)  is a cnut of the highest order (and I mean that as derogatory as I possibly can), and if he reads this – face up to me you knob – stop hiding behind the phone.

And breathe…aah 🙂

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  • I love it when you drink wine and post. You should do it more often.

  • snee:

    Heh – got a few bottles, maybe I will…but honestly – he’s a twat. And she IS the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen – why the fuck he didn’t get a ladyboy I don’t know – they’re far better looking than her…

  • It is known as Nodafone in our household thanks to the consistant lack of topups (leaving various family members stranded without coverage), many hours on hold or waiting managers calls back, $150 off my credit card to escape a service they couldn’t provide, a complaint to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, more phonecalls, a stomach ulcer, a facebook group called Nodafone – stories of shoddy customer service (formed while I was on hold yet again) a refund of my $150 and the opportunity to steer anyone who asks away from them.
    Feel better now.

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