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This is my life:

So, off to Stansted early Thursday morning to catch a flight to Prestwick. Did my usual thing of stopping at the 24 hours garage before setting off and checked the oil, water, tyre pressures etc. (this does become relevant), then drove to Stansted, parked up in the long stay and jumped on the flight.

Arriving at Prestwick, I was surprised nobody met me off the flight as usually happens (I don’t have a security pass, so cannot go airside). I wandered up to the information desk (doubles as security) and asked if they had a number for the Ryanair hangar, explaining I was working there for the day.

“You can;t go airside without a pass.” said the (un)helpful woman behind the desk. I explained that I knew that, I just needed to get in touch with the hangar so someone could pick me up (it’s a few hundreds yards to the hangar airside, but about 3 miles to walk landside). I realised within minutes she wasn’t gonna help me, so I wandered off to where I took my security induction 6 months previously…

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Ciampino Airport, Rome

Well, it was a LONG day…but I finally got home.

Wasn’t the easy ride I thought it would be either – I’d planned on getting started about 10am, being done by 2pm, then heading off into Rome for some sight seeing until my flight back at 10pm.


For starters, Ryanair (airline I was working for) don’t actually have a hangar at Ciampino – they’re breaking a B737 so have rented a stand which has been cordoned off at the end of the runway:


I was working in a corner of this compound:


The ‘yellow things’ centre left are the set of jacks I was there to reseal/test – as you can see, the weather was just a bit stormy…and very wet:


And so I took that pic while huddling under the aircraft where the undercarriage once was…

And so it was a wet, miserable snee for a while…

I didn’t get finished until about 5.30pm, and by the time I’d got my jobsheets filled in and signed it was getting on for 7pm, and as it was still raining (storm front in from Russia apparently – bloody commies πŸ˜‰ ), I decided not to go into Rome – I mean, who wants to see the sights in pouring rain? anyway, I DID get to see the Colosseum as we flew in – and let me tell you – it looks fucking impressive!

So, my plan is to go back out to Rome at some point and be a tourist πŸ™‚ …just have to find someone to go out there with πŸ™‚

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