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I'm bored…

No change there eh?

At least it’s a short week thanks to the Bank Holiday 🙂

The Berbatov saga continues it seems – I think I speak for all Spurs supporters in saying ‘Get rid of the twat.’ Granted he’s scored some superb goals and played sublime football, but he’s disrupting the team with his sulking – Levy, swallow your pride (not all of it mind) and flog him to Barcelona.

Even the arch gooner Ian Wright agrees – his article the other day started with:

“Dimitar Berbatov is probably about as welcome in the Spurs dressing room right now as I would be on the terraces at White Hart Lane,”

He’s right.

Apparently Spurs have now signed Roman Pavlyuchenko from Spartak Moscow for £12 million (pretty much what we paid for Berbatov), so the way is clear to ditch the incredible sulk.

Roman Pavlyuchenko

Roman Pavlyuchenko

Having said that, he played football the Spurs way – I’d hate to see him actually playing against us in the Premiership.

He is pure class, but it doesn’t matter how much talent you have – you’re still part of a team, and regardless of what you WANT, it’s where you ARE that matters – Spurs pay the wages, you should put your heart and soul into the club – a lot like Keane did. A lifelong Liverpool supporter, Keane was Spurs through and through for his time there – I doubt he’ll get any barracking when Spurs play Liverpool – same as I doubt he’ll celebrate too much when if he scores against us…

C’mon, let’s get our season underway with focused minds – 2 games, 2 losses – and we’re supposed to be fighting for a top 4 place?

Woohoo! 😀

I WAS planning on going to V Festival this weekend, but circumstances beyond my control (begins with ‘H’, has 8 letters, and ends in ‘arriett’) prevented this – so I’m quietly fuming.

One day I’ll learn to be a proper bastard and stop listening to other people.

Anyway, Friday – let’s check what’s what:

  • Bi-weekly backup? check
  • Pay? OK, I was paid in advance last week, so check
  • Coffee? Thanks, I’d love one…wait, maybe I’ve had too many already

3 and a bit hours to go… *looks around* and about 30 minutes worth of work. Hmm…I could always boot up the tower I bought in from home and install Linux on it – that’ll while away the hours 🙂

Played badminton again last night – I’m really getting into it (translates as: I didn’t sweat as much as the previous week), followed by one or seven pints in the Tudor.

Well, looks like this weekend is going to be much the same as previous ones, rather than sitting in a field pissed up listening to various bands while drinking Stella and partaking of various chemicals, I’ll be, um, sitting in the Tudor, drinking Carlsberg, partaking of various chemicals and maybe watching some football.

Hmm…just tried catching up on the latest football transfer rumours on – but it keeps crashing Firefox (I even tried internet explorer and that crashed too…). Still, looks like Berbatov is still a Spurs player (for now) although, apparently Man Utd. have delayed their team photograph so they can include him…

*Gets coffee*

3 hours to go…

It’s no good – I’ve got to do something…

EDIT: It’s 12.30 – half an hour to go…

*starts shutting down computers slowly*

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