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Oh well, another weekend where I did not do a great deal, or even go out – spent most of the weekend in my garden in shorts, trying to motivate myself to get on with the patio (yes, it’s STILL not finished, but it’s only taken 15 months or so thus far).

The thing is, I’m quite enjoying staying in being a hermit – this usually only occurs around shitmas, but it seems I’m evolving into a grumpy old man (not such a bad thing – it keeps the fuckwits away).

So, the World Cup is all over, Spain are Champions and there’s a month or so until football kicks off over here…

I’m so bored, but going out just has no appeal to me right now – I just want to curl up in bed.


Bored already…

I’m bored. And fed up – fed up with winter and cold weather. My ankle is really feeling the cold, it hurts like fuck and it’s making me grumpy.

I’ve decided to do what I did over shitmas – I’m going back into hibernation.

Yes, from the 23rd December until the 2nd January, I hibernated – didn’t leave my house at all. If anyone wanted to see me, they had to come round, I wasn’t answering my phone or replying to text messages – I wasn’t even looking at my emails let alone reading them.

That’s what I’m going to do – lock myself away for the winter and work on my house – there’s so much I could be doing, and staying in will only save me money.

This morning I realised (well, I think I’ve known it all along really): I don’t like people – they annoy me.

So there you go – first post of the year and it’s me whinging. Live with it.

Mid week blues

Ok, not exactly the blues – but I’m bored.

Looking after a network with no losers users is boring…I miss the random machine reboots (always a fun one that πŸ™‚ ), making the boss happy by increasing the speed he can surf t’internet (usually me just pausing whatever movie I’m currently downloading).

Oh well, 1 week to go until England v Czech Republic at Wembley (this’ll be my 3rd visit to the place)

I suppose I could always do some more work…


I’m bored.

Got some work to do, but not enough to see the day out…and so I’m surfing t’interweb looking for a new theme for my phone.

As well as being bored – I need to get laid.


On a bright note – I won a trip to Milan for 2 people for 2 nights πŸ™‚ PLUS a tour of the San Siro stadium πŸ˜€

San Siro stadium

San Siro stadium

That’s got to be the first thing I’ve won in ages – maybe the next thing’ll be the lotto tonight?

If that’s so – drinks on me

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