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Oh yeah – my weekend…

Spent another great weekend in London, in the company of the gorgeous Marina…

Saturday she threatened me with shopping, but I thwarted her plans by suggesting a drink in The Anchor pub beside the Thames:

Really nice place πŸ™‚ and as an alternative to shopping it certainly gets my vote πŸ˜‰

After a few pints in here (well, I had several pints, she had coffee and one glass of wine – basically her limit), we walked across the Millennium Bridge towards St Paul’s Cathedral – as it was getting dark, it looked exactly like this:

This was the first time I’ve ever seen St Paul’s in real life – amazing huh? 41 years old and only just seeing some of the sights in the UK…(first time across the bridge too). I would have taken some pictures, but it was drizzly and I didn’t want to get my phone wet – besides, it was cold too, and my hands were buried deep in my pockets…

– Content censored –

Sunday was spent in another nice pub – The Angel Inn in Highgate:

We had lunch here, and spent the entire afternoon just sitting there, reading the papers, drinking, and people watching – most relaxing πŸ™‚ It’s a great place – and the barstaff were very friendly πŸ™‚

Having heard from Harriett (she was in London with her daughter at some concert in Earl’s Court) that the trains were running erratically, Marina dropped me off at Finsbury Park at about 7.30 so I could get the train home…

Ah, Finsbury Park – just down the road from the shithole Emirates Stadium (where the gooner scum play) – and they played on Sunday there too – against Chelsea, so the whole area was full of gooners (fair made my skin crawl it did). A quick check on my phone revealed they’d been beaten 0-3 by Chelsea, so that put a huge grin on my face. Spurs got a late equaliser against Aston Villa on Saturday, so we move up to third, the table looking like this:

Happy days πŸ™‚ We go to Manchester tonight to play United in the Carling Cup quarter final. Redknapp has already said that a Champion’s League place is a priority over winning trophies this season…but even our reserves will want to win (or emulate Defoe‘s 5 goal glut last week πŸ˜‰ ), so it should make for a good game…


Close? it doesn't get any closer…

Spurs are off to Wembley to defend the Carling Cup against Manchester Utd. – a lethargic display last night saw us almost lose out despite a 4-1 lead from the first leg. Burnley have always been my ‘second’ team – I generally look to see how they get on, and the way they’ve played in this tournament shows they have a squad that believes in themselves – I mean, they knocked out Chelsea and Arsenal in previous rounds.


Full match report here.

In other news, Harriett’s daughter Nat has the Sims game. She made a character that actually looks a lot like me and has been keeping me updated on how I get on in the game.

I forget what job I have – something to do with politics I think (ha! I’d NEVER work in politics…), but I had a lovely girlfriend (Nikkie).

I say had because I apparently proposed to her and we got engaged. Nat being the fast worker got me married the same night, and Nikkie became pregnant too (what can I say?).

Anyway, last night, just after the football, Nikkie gave birth to a beautiful daughter – we’ve called her Charlotte πŸ™‚

All this excitement AND it’s Thursday – have to work out what I’m doing for the weekend…

100 things about me…

While looking around at blogs I follow, I noticed Rik has posted the list of 99 things I’ve done/want to do.

I’m working my way through that list, but it made me think and so yesterday I sat and wrote a list of 100 things about me:

  1. I was born in Huntingdon, Cambs.
  2. My middle name is John.
  3. I am left handed.
  4. I have 2 tattoos.
  5. I walk very fast.
  6. Love to eat.
  7. Drink lager.
  8. I hate liars.
  9. Enjoy recreational drugs on occasion.
  10. Support Tottenham Hotspur Football club.
  11. Love to drive.
  12. Drink black coffee.
  13. I hate cheese.
  14. I detest people who drop litter.
  15. I’m terrible at reading people.
  16. I failed my driving test when I was 17.
  17. I have never watched ‘The Sound of Music’.
  18. I do not care if I am cool or not.
  19. I can never remember names.
  20. My blood type is O positive.
  21. I hate seafood.
  22. I never wear a watch.
  23. I’m a cat person.
  24. I’m stubborn.
  25. Love washing up.
  26. My star sign is Virgo.
  27. I hate marmite.
  28. I was born in the Chinese year of the Monkey.
  29. I’m afraid of heights.
  30. I have NEVER been overweight in my life.
  31. I prefer toilet paper to go OVER the roll.
  32. I was born in 1968.
  33. I am single.
  34. I love Burger King.
  35. I hate McDonalds.
  36. I am very loyal.
  37. I have blue eyes.
  38. I drink a lot of black coffee.
  39. I can easily read a book in a day.
  40. I’m quite shy.
  41. I love cinnamon doughnuts.
  42. I love flying.
  43. I hate airports.
  44. I Google my name from time to time.
  45. I fell off my bike aged 11 and have a scar under my nose from it.
  46. I am the 3rd of 4 children.
  47. I have trouble telling people I need them.
  48. I am terrified of knives.
  49. I give blood regularly.
  50. I’m halfway there.
  51. I used to have a paper round.
  52. I hate cauliflower.
  53. I collect old computers.
  54. I don’t like people (in general).
  55. I’ve been in jail.
  56. In more than one country.
  57. I’ve been in love (still am).
  58. I’m a summer person.
  59. I prefer brunettes to blondes.
  60. I wear jeans.
  61. My dad died in 2006.
  62. I still miss him.
  63. I enjoy being a geek.
  64. I never dance.
  65. I love to get a back rub.
  66. I’m terrified I’ll end up alone.
  67. I love music.
  68. As I get older, I find it easier to tell people ‘STFU’.
  69. I would do anything for my true friends.
  70. I’ve had my own web site since 2000.
  71. My first computer was an Acorn Atom.
  72. I’ve never voted.
  73. I’ve only had my driving licence since January 2008.
  74. I have never heard anyone whistle using their fingers louder than my mum.
  75. I like doing sudoku puzzles.
  76. I enjoy airline food.
  77. I hate shopping.
  78. I’ve never missed an episode of ‘Lost’.
  79. I love plain chocolate.
  80. I love my job.
  81. I used to love to design and build web sites.
  82. I’m very irresponsible.
  83. I’ve owned my domain name for several years now.
  84. I never add salt to anything.
  85. I don’t like wearing socks.
  86. I sometimes get claustrophobic.
  87. I have dimples on my cheeks.
  88. I hate to see my name misspelt.
  89. I hate so called ‘reality’ TV shows.
  90. I’m addicted to Google.
  91. I prefer email to any other form of communication.
  92. I’ve never liked talking on the phone.
  93. I love travelling.
  94. I very rarely turn my mobile off.
  95. I can’t keep a relationship going.
  96. I listen to one song over and over sometimes.
  97. I have the same waist size as 10+ years ago (30″).
  98. I spend way too much time on the internet.
  99. I am terrified of earwigs.
  100. I hate writing lists…

So, there you go – some things y’all knew, some you didn’t, mostly unecessary knowledge.

Spurs beat Burnley 4-1 in the first leg of the Carling Cup semi-final – we went 0-1 down and wasn’t until the second half we started playing well. Was a shame Defoe signed just too late to play last night – at least he’ll be in for the second leg :).

Burnley have always been my ‘second team’ – I always look to see how they’re doing. Last night they showed how they’ve managed to knock Premiership teams out of the competition – they play with confidence and were definitely the best team in the first half.

Don't mention knickers (or panties)

WordPress has a new look dashboard – I like it πŸ™‚

And so here we are again – right at the edge of the weekend.

I’m determined to get ALL my shopping to last me the rest of the year so I don’t have to deal with the sheep.

Got back from testing onsite at Manchester yesterday. As ever, it was a good time – I get on well with the guy up there (Hi Martin), even if he’s a huge Man Utd. fan. Chances are now that it’ll be a Spurs v Man Utd. Carling Cup semi-final (4 teams still in it are Spurs, Man Utd., Derby and Burnley), so we stand a real chance of retaining the cup. We’ll find out who plays who when the draw is made on Saturday lunchtime.

Spurs are away to West Ham on Monday night – we need another win seeing as we slipped back down after losing to Everton. COYS!

Oh yeah, I just noticed that one of the top searches people use to get here is ‘poo pub’ WTF?

Happy birthday Liam

15 today…I love you son πŸ™‚

Some people may have picked up on the fact that I’m a Spurs (that’s Tottenham Hotspur Football Club) fan, and that of late, we’ve got a new manager and REALLY started playing well – taking points off 3 of the top 4 clubs in the Premiership and last night our glorious honeymoon with ‘Arry continued with a 4-2 tonking of Liverpool in the Carling Cup.

I must admit, when I first saw the line up, I thought “Ah, he doesn’t care too much about this competition – he’s saving players for the league game at Fulham on Saturday.”

How wrong could I be?

From the kick off it was plain to see this was going to be a strongly contested game – Spurs however, played Liverpool off the park in the first half, going in at the break 3-0 up.

At this point I picked up the Indian meal I’d ordered and hot-footed it to Harriett’s (a thank you for her help), where I watched the second half (I DID miss 2 goals though – turning on the TV at 4-2).

It’s never good to see any footballer lying on the ground apparently knocked out, and the applause from all the fans at the match showed this, when , after almost 10 minutes treatment on the pitch, the Spurs goalkeeper Gomes was finally taken off the pitch having apparently swallowed his tongue.

The only sign of negativity in Spurs’ game was after 96 minutes (9 minutes exra time due to Gomes’ injury), we kept the ball in the corner to wind the clock down.

2 goals from Pavlyuchenko, another 2 from Campbell, an absolutely stunning display from the whole of the team, means we’re in the hat for the quarter final – is it too soon to be thinking we might actually retain the trophy?

When Spurs play like they can, they play the most beautiful game – the opening 10 minutes last night showed we have no reason to be afraid ofd the top teams – it’s only a matter of time before we’re up there with them.


Breaking news…


Well, it may be too soon to say that, but it certainly feels like it to me πŸ™‚ I’m smiling again and feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Let me explain: I gave Harriett my phone SIM card last yesterday evening, she put it in her other phone and almost straight away a text came through – I didn’t want to know what it said. Anyway, just had a call from Harriett, she told me there was another text came through during the night (about 2am – how screwy is THAT?), so Harriett rang her number and left a voicemail telling her that she had my phone and to stop calling and texting as it was harrassment. She then got a call back from Jane who hung up when Harriett answered.


I’ll leave my SIM card with Harriett for a couple of days though, just to make sure it’s all over. Hopefully not too long – I already don’t like using a pay as you go phone (I get almost unlimited free calls and texts on my calling plan – told Harriett to use it as much as she wants).

Harriett – my hero πŸ™‚ that’s twice she’s done this for me – first Maria, now Jane. I’ve told her she must vett all future possible partners for me.

OK, the mental image of Harriett interviewing a woman just made me snort and spit coffee*…I can imagine Harriett sitting their, a pen in her hand with a form in front of her:

“So, X, just what are your intentions to Paul?

A) Just friends (good answer)
B) Purely sex (GREAT answer)
C) I want to marry him and have his babies (um…where’s the door?)
D) All the above (erm…)”

If I get some spare time today, I’ll mock up a form for her – it’ll make her laugh πŸ™‚

So, as a big THANK YOU, I’m buying a curry tonight. I do have an ulterior motive though – the Spurs v Liverpool game – Carling Cup – is on Sky Sports tonight, and I don’t have that channel (could watch it down the Tudor, but I’ve really spent too much time there hiding from stalkers turning up at my house**).

Ah…The sky is blue, no clouds visible from my office window, I’ve got a full mug of coffee (refilled), AWESOME friends (that includes many of the perverts regular readers). Life is once again, good.

And with that, I must get some work done.

* No, I’m not chopping up lines of NescafΓ©β„’

** Yes, this whole thing has stressed/scared (delete as applicable) me so much, I was actually scared to be at home

Woohoo – Friday again

What a week it’s been:

Monday – well, Mondays are just Mondays.

Tuesday – hospital appointment in the morning. They’re going to take out the plate and screws in my ankle as the screws are now working their way out (I can feel 4 of them and wearing socks/boots HURTS). Then in the afternoon I had a driving test…which I passed πŸ™‚ I can now LEGALLY drive…Of course, the best thing that happened on Tuesday was the Carling Cup Semi Final, second leg between the mighty Spurs and the scummy arsenal – the first leg at the rubbish dump ended in a draw after we played them off the park and they were so lucky to get a last minute equaliser (I still maintain it was a handball by Walcott). Anyhoo, the second leg was at White Hart Lane and we once again played them off the park – humiliating them all through the game, scoring at will and coming away with a huge 5-1 win (6-2 on aggregate) that ended our 9 year hoodoo against them. That sets us up for a final at Wembley against Chelsea.

Wednesday/Thursday – Down in Bristol doing onsite testing…this always means loads of beer, ditto food, and ogling the lovely ladies. In theory anyway, the reality was the hotel was in the middle of nowhere and the pub appeared to be run by snotty nosed teenagers with no idea. At least the food was good (I ate far too much), and the beer was cold (Stella Artois, AKA ‘wife beater’).

And here we are at Friday…the weekend looms (still have to really celebrate)

Sunday sees Spurs travel to Old Trafford to play Manchester Utd. in the FA Cup – after tearing apart arsenal, I’m confident we can win this…


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