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My weekend…

Well, rather than do any work, I decided to meet my l’il sis for a civilised drink or two Friday night…

As I still had some of the legal drug Methadrone (legal MDMA, probably soon to be banned due to fuckwits mixing it with illegal substances and messing themselves up – or dying), I bombed the lot and set off into the cold, cold night (no poetic licence here – it was fucking freezing).

And so, turned up at the Tudor to be met by Bob saying “Fuck me, what are you on?” apparently, the Methadrone had hit and my pupils were HUGE. Great night though – at one point I tried doing a sudoku which was amusing (to everyone watching…).

Still, didn’t make too much of a fool of myself, and even helped carry Donny back to the Tudor (lightweight). So, all in all, a good night 🙂

Oh, finally got to sleep about 6.30am 😐

Woke up at about 11 feeling pretty damn good, so I headed to Tesco for some shopping (never fails to rid me of my good spirits), and sure enough, it was full of total cnuts doing their utmost to prevent me from doing my usual commando raid (5 minutes and out) – bastards.

Oh, I bought a pack of razor blades too – my first since October 2008 – fuck me, they’re expensive now…so, after I’d taken out a large loan to cover the cost, I was back home, and to cheer myself up, I decided to take a nice walk in the sunshine to the Tudor for a couple of beers and watch the footy.

Yes, I know now…

Blue skies in January doesn’t mean it’s nice and warm, as a matter of fact, it was just a little chilly. So cold in fact, that I was not looking forward to walking home, so I watched some inane TV program – Total Wipeout. But the female presenter in that program is Amanda Byram – OMFG, I am so in love – she’s not just lovely, she’s GORGEOUS! and she has that Irish accent too…

Finally managed to prise myself away from the bar and headed home with a takeout listening to my music – and then another great thing happened: Green Day’s version of Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone”:

I’ve always like Green Day, and love the track too, but their version made me forget the cold and I got home actually feeling happy 🙂

I’m so fed up with the cold though, I’m staying in now until Monday…

Lotto draw is in half an hour or so, just the small matter of six numbers seperate me from my dream of retirement on a sunsoaked beach – I’d even give up computers for that…

Take your winter and shove it up your arse – gimme hot weather anytime.


But, Amanda…


I know no-one cares but…

My cold has gone! 🙂

Woo! and indeed, Yay!

All that’s left is this niggly cough – I’ll pickup some super strength, blow-your-head-off-if-you-drink-it-with-alcohol cough stuff later, and I’ll be right as rain* by Sunday (meeting up with Marina then).

I have a formula for buying anything medicinal…well, not a formula, more a guideline:

Does it say “May cause drowsiness” on the bottle/can/box? If not, move to the next one…in my experience, ONLY the drowsy ones actually work (antihistamines are a fine example of this).

I also need some lip stuff – whatsit called? (quick Google) – ah, Lypsyl. Not that my lips are cracked, but it’s great for getting rid of the red soreness around the nose after 2-3 days of blowing copious amounts of snot out 🙂

I did actually stop off at Tesco to buy said supplies (I would’ve asked for ‘lip stuff™’ if I didn’t actually see what the stuff was called (no Google in Tesco…well, unless I use my phone), but the pharmacy bit doesn’t open until 9…so, here’s a handy tip for anybody thinking of travelling to the UK:


* Where DOES this saying come from? quick look on Google gave me this:

Right as rain is a latecomer to this illustrious collection of curious similes. It may have first appeared at the very end of the nineteenth century, but the first example I can find is from Max Beerbohm’s book Yet Again of 1909: “He looked, as himself would undoubtedly have said, ‘fit as a fiddle,’ or ‘right as rain.’ His cheeks were rosy, his eyes sparkling”. Since then it has almost completely taken over from the others.

It makes no more sense than the variants it has usurped and is clearly just a play on words (though perhaps there’s a lurking idea that rain often comes straight down, in a right line, to use the old sense). But the alliteration was undoubtedly why it was created and has helped its survival. As right as ninepence has had a good run, too, but that has vanished even in Britain since we decimalised the coinage and since ninepence stopped being worth very much.

The page in it’s entirety can be found here (just wanted to pad the post out a bit 😛 ).

So there you have it – just another service I provide 😉

Cold weather…

I hate it. I’ve got the use of a company vehicle – a Ford Galaxy. It’s great, heated windscreen so it’s easy to defrost. The fact it has a seperate key for the doors and ignition means I go out in the morning, start it up, go back inside and have a coffee, then go out 10 minutes later and it’s all de-iced and toasty warm* 🙂

Of course, the other day I had the van (no heated windscreen 🙁 ), and left a friend’s house at 4am so I had to de-ice it, drive home, then de-ice it AGAIN when it was time to go to work 😐 – bugger…

Still, 8.5 weeks until I’m off to Morocco 🙂

Work is going well – hopefully we’ll keep getting the orders in and general repair work seems to be consistent at the moment so (at the moment), my job appears to be fairly secure.

I’m glad I paid off my credit cards so I have minimal debt right now – you can never tell what’s gonna happen around the corner – seems businesses are failing here almost daily and I want to get my savings up so I have a ‘buffer’ against the unknown.

Whoa…reading back on that, I realised I might actually have picked up some maturity somewhere…

Well, the weekend starts tomorrow. My plan is to have a quiet one, do stuff around the house, and maybe goto the cinema to see ‘Slumdog Millionaire‘ – the trailers look pretty good, all I have to do now is get someone  to go with (nothing sadder than going on your own) – I asked Harriett if she’d like to go, she’s pretty down at the moment so it might be good for her too – and there’ll still be time to grab a few beers afterwards 🙂

That’s me – a man with a (short term) plan.

Oh, and I got the best possible compliment a few days back – kept me smiling ever since 🙂

Life is good.

Bored already…

I’m bored. And fed up – fed up with winter and cold weather. My ankle is really feeling the cold, it hurts like fuck and it’s making me grumpy.

I’ve decided to do what I did over shitmas – I’m going back into hibernation.

Yes, from the 23rd December until the 2nd January, I hibernated – didn’t leave my house at all. If anyone wanted to see me, they had to come round, I wasn’t answering my phone or replying to text messages – I wasn’t even looking at my emails let alone reading them.

That’s what I’m going to do – lock myself away for the winter and work on my house – there’s so much I could be doing, and staying in will only save me money.

This morning I realised (well, I think I’ve known it all along really): I don’t like people – they annoy me.

So there you go – first post of the year and it’s me whinging. Live with it.

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