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I don't do cards etc.

But today would have been my dad’s birthday πŸ™‚ happy birthday dad.

Overprotective parents’s QOTW is about overprotective parents this week. This means I have no hilarious story to tell – my upbringing was full of AWESOMENESS!

Not that my siblings and I were neglected – far from it – we were allowed to play out, we got reprimanded (threatened with smacks more than actually smacked – when my mum threatened, you did as you were told), we were rewarded for being good. As such the lot of us grew up into well-rounded (no, I don’t mean fat – I mean look at me – do I LOOK fat?) adults with a good sense of right and wrong.

During my teenage years, I ‘went off the rails’ somewhat, getting into drugs and various criminal activities. During this stage, I developed a liking for going ‘walkabout’ every now and then. Back then, in the pre-mobile phone era, this must have been traumatic for my parents, but they accepted it, just a few words when I returned 1, 2 or 3 days later about letting them know where I was etc.

The walkabout thing continued and my boss even accepted that now and then, I just disappeared for a few days (I never took holidays, so I suppose it was a kind of break for me).

Fast forward to early 2008: I left the house one morning to goto work, walked a few steps and thought “Fuck it – I need a break.” and so turned off my phone and fucked off for the day to chill.

Come the evening I turned my phone back on to find missed calls a plenty from Harriett and one from my good friend H. Turns out Harriett got worried when she couldn’t get hold of me and had been all round my friends to find out if they knew where I was. The crowning moment though: she went to see my mum, told her she couldn’t get hold of me (bear in mind we weren’t even going out together at the time) and my mum just looked her straight in the eye and said something along the lines:

“And? he’ll be fine – he’ll be back soon.” and that was it.

So, I never had over-protective parents – I had the best parents anyone could ever ask for.

Since my dad died, I’ve tried to be as like him as much as I possibly can. I don’t get round to see my mum as much as I should, but when I do, there’s always a cup of coffee and the offer of something to eat.

What? expecting a punchline? there is none – just me saying in a cack-handed manner that I love my mum and dad πŸ™‚

We did it again!

Kicked the German’s arses in their own backyard that is…not quite the 1-5 as before, but still a good result – as I mentioned, there’s no such thing as a friendly game against Germany πŸ™‚ My dad would have loved to see the game last night – as a child growing up in France during the war, his experiences of Germans was that of bullies, I guess some of that’s rubbed off on me although I try to treat people as individuals and try not to stereotype them…

But hey – WE BEAT THEM! πŸ˜€

Yesterday I mentioned that Tuesday was a record day for hits on this blog – well, that record was beaten again yesterday – 135 hits. I broke through 61,000 hits at about 2.15pm (my post shows the time of 3.08pm, but that’s because I’d forgotten to change the time in my settings (oart of me wants it to be summertime ALL the time).

Checking the comments I get (unless you’re a regular commenter, I have to approve comments), one this morning from Sara (a new visitor – hello πŸ™‚ ) ended with “May God bless you and keep you Baby P. Rest In Peace angel.” That says it all.

I read yesterday that Haringey head teachers had signed a petition saying that the head of Social Services should keep her job. Bullshit. She shouldn’t even wait to be sacked – she should have resigned when all this happened (August 2007). For those of you who haven’t seen it, the timeline of events is here. I dare anyone to read that and not be as angry as I am. Seriously, I’ve had some dealings with Social Services regarding my son, and the way I feel right now, they’d better not write, or, God forbid, call at my house – I just couldn’t be responsible for my actions.

I’m still not certain what I’ll do for Christmas this year – part of me just wants to get away somewhere sunny, while another part of me just wants to do my normal thing (get drunk and ignore the whole thing). I hate this time of year – my family know this, and never expect to see me in December (awaits comments on Scrooge etc.).

Did I mention we beat Germany last night? πŸ™‚

EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to mention it – as I wasn’t going to be driving today, I got ever so slightly drunk last night. I’ve got the hangover from hell today…sympathy please.

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