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A quick 'n' dirty geek post ('cos I know deep down y'all love 'em)

Today has been mostly scripting so I’m like this: πŸ™‚

The scripting has involved databases – we use FileMaker Pro. I like FileMaker, it’s easy to use and seemed to do exactly what I wanted of it. Lately however, I’ve been frustrated by my inability to achieve what I think the program is up to (yes, this has depressed me greatly – I hate being beat).

Today though, I tried out FileMaker Pro 11 and OMG – this is me NOW: πŸ˜€

The scripting in it is so, so much better than the version we had before (*cough* 5.5) – it does what I want!!! πŸ™‚

Spurs v Young Boys tonight – COYS!

EDIT: A 4-0 win on the night (6-3 on aggregate) sees us into the draw tomorrow πŸ˜€ woop, woop!

Did I tell you the joke about the…

Wait, that’s not for a mainstream audience.

Well, Spurs eventually got a draw yesterday, meaning we take Bolton back to the Lane for a reply.

And what a dire game it was – Spurs didn’t seem to have even turned up in the first half – there was 5 minutes (after we’d conceded the goal), that we seemed to start playing…then everyone just went to sleep until the second half. Good ol’ Defoe equalised, then we hit the bar a couple of times before getting a penalty awarded to us.

Now, all Spurs fans will know – since Keane was put out on loan, we’ve not had a penalty kicker – Defoe tried for a bit (and missed at least 3?), it was Huddlestone’s turn yesterday – and every Spurs fan was thinking “It doesn’t matter if the goalkeeper gets behind this – Hudd’s power will take him and the ball through the back of the net…”. Well, we were right up until Hudd sidefooted the tamest ever penalty kick straight at the ‘keeper…

We did bombard their box (ooer) in the dying minutes, but couldn’t get a winner…

So, so busy at work today – been working on the eASE website front page – I’ve made a great image for the header, and hope that’s all I have to do – I’ll need access to the FTP server to incorporate the rest of the content (and lose the damned annoying video – or at least stop it autoplaying), guess I’ll find out tomorrow what else I’ve to do…

What else? oh yes, I’ve got to ‘farm’ some data from another website, so I’ve managed to get all the info I need to do this, just gotta write a small program tonight to grab and format the data, then email it all off in a readable format (it’s a database, so .csv will do)

So, football and geekiness – I’m back on song πŸ˜‰

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