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A typical Monday…

Was a bit late in (only 20 minutes or so mind!) as I had a case of “can’t be bothered getting out of bed”, but soon got into the swing of things.

I was caught up in my work when Corina suddenly said “The clock’s stopped!” and indeed it had, at 8.45 (I’m not a clock watcher so I hadn’t noticed). Thought I may as well change the battery in it so took it off the wall, turned it over and there’re 4 batteries in it (world time zones etc.) which confused me initially – then I just took the battery from the New York clocklet and swapped that with the UK time (who needs to know the time in New York anyway?).

My £300 winning ticket from last week came at the right time – I need a new exhaust for my car. Funny how I seem to win money when it’s needed 🙂 but fortuitous…

Beautiful sunny day here today – car was frozen slightly this morning, but it’s getting warmer – spring is in the air!

A friend advised me to drink less and eat more (along with exercise more too), so that’ll be Guinness sales down 😉 not a bad idea though – in an ideal world, I’d like to put on about a stone, and keep my trim(ish) figure (no beer belly here – sit-ups get rid of THAT!). That way, when summer comes along, I’ll look pretty damn good for an oldie…

So, all I have to do, is work out when I’ll be eating my 5 meals a day, and what to have (I’ll draw up a rough ‘diet’ when I’ve got a few minutes) – no Arie, I don’t want your delicious looking lasagne 😐 but ideas for meals that’ll put some weight on me would be appreciated (I don’t eat cheese though – except on pizza, and I don’t like too much of that either…)

Break over – time to get back to work…


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