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I feel old…

*Sigh* my back is hurting and I don’t have any pills at work, looks like I’ll be onsite in 2 different locations later this week, so I’ve gotta get it back to normal before then.

On a brighter note: I watched ‘London Boulevard‘ last night – what an awesome film! great casting (Anna Friel FTW) , superb soundtrack, and once again proof that British film-makers make the best gangster movies πŸ™‚

Saturday is Wales vs England in the Euro 2012 qualifiers…it will be interesting to see how Speed plays Bale for Wales – and how England cope with him.

EDIT: And now off to Spain April 6th πŸ™‚


Les Bleus…

All that ranting…and WordPress stole my post 😐

Basically, I’m not too happy…I’ve never seen a ‘squad’ not get along with each other since I was 3.

France, LOOK at the quality you have, please don’t ever go to a World Cup Final with a coach who’s already said he’s fucking off, and a squad he picked who don’t even talk to each other.

I said from the start of the finals, that IF France get out of the group, they’ll be good to watch…doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen now huh?

My l’il sis was working in the Tudor tonight – hopefully she’s not feeling as pissed off as me or she’ll be barring people left, right and centre…

Well, it’s down to England now then…

World Cup 2010

Can’t be bothered typing, so I just cut this screenshot from the Wickipedia page for our group:

So, looking at it – we SHOULD win the group…

And we end on a high

Great game! Crouch scored twice, Wright-Phillips got one in between those to give England a 3-0 win at Wembley πŸ™‚

This being England’s 499th international win – we play Brazil next month…could that be our landmark 500th win?

I’ll grudgingly admit that Beckham coming on did liven things up (and he got man of the match) – but if I could shave today, so should he have 😐

I must admit though – Belarus looked very tidy, some nice passing, but they were troubled by the sheer pace of England.

Could have been more goals too – Milner hit the left hand upright, then Beckham hit the right hand one within a minute…and after that it was merely a countdown to the final whistle.

That’s it – just wanna say ‘happy birthday’ to a special someone πŸ™‚ (didn’t find out until earlier)

Ciao πŸ™‚

Wait – let’s have a look at the final standings in our group:


Makes you smile eh? well, it makes ME smile… πŸ™‚

Happy days!

Even though England are (as I type) 1-0 down to Ukraine in the World Cup qualifiers, I’ve had a great day πŸ™‚

Had a lunch date today – and I think I did ok…by that I mean, I remembered where I parked the car and didn’t do my pirate impression (well, it’s not talk like a pirate day is it?). She also seemed to have a good time, so we’ll see where it goes eh? πŸ™‚

Preparing dinner for tomorrow now – boeuf bourguignon. The challenge (for me anyway), is to make it at least half as well as my aunt does – if I manage that, it’ll be fucking tasty I tell ya πŸ˜€

Oh, housework…yeah, must do some of that…ack

Other than all that – I’m having a night in, just me and maybe a couple of beers watching TV, early night, then go see my bruv tomorrow and see if I can get the car sorted out.

Happy days…:)


What. A. Fucking. Game! πŸ™‚


Absolutely beautiful – completely pwned Croatia πŸ™‚ and deservedly Lennon got man of the match. Through to the finals with 2 games to spare – even Capello was smiling πŸ™‚

And me?


Not much more I can add without sounding, well, like every other England fan πŸ™‚ well, apart from I wish Defoe had scored too, but when he came on, Croatia spent so much time making sure he got nowhere near the ball (well, he IS the super sub), they made the mistake of letting a rampant England side get through…

I’m so fucking happy πŸ™‚ some may say it’s only a game, but what a game…

I’m just gonna go and have a few vodkas, maybe shed a tear or 2, and prepare for the Ukraine game in October (I’m so gonna be at Wembley for that one).




‘Ave it!


Football update

With a record (Ha!) of just 2 clean sheets from 18 starts, it seems Gomes’ is no longer the first choice goalkeeper for Spurs. Apparently ‘Arry has recalled Ben Alnwick (aged 21) from his loan spell at wherever.

This makes me think – just how bad can the reserve keeper (Cesar) actually be? with Blackburn coming to the Lane on Saturday, our old ‘keeper Robinson makes his first visit back – and how he must be grinning. He’s found his form again, and must be laughing his socks off at the hapless Gomes.

Don’t get me wrong – Gomes has made some stunning saves, but these are overshadowed by the howlers he’s made resulting in Spurs being (once again) in the relegation zone.

Darren Bent is second in the high scorers table, the whole team is playing with spirit – seems everyone is keen to show ‘Arry just what they can do…except Gomes.

So, England have a ‘friendly’ against Germany on Wednesday (is there such a thing?) and memories of September 1st, 2001 (10 days before the world went to shit) will be in EVERY England fan out there. Will Bent get a start? will Lennon work his magic? will The Hud stun us with a 30 plus yard strike?

Anyway, back to Spurs – 3 home games: Blackburn, Everton, then Manchester United. If we can take 7 points from these, we’re back in midtable for Christmas…


Friday AGAIN already?

It only seems like a week since the last one…

Had yet another run to Heathrow last night to pickup the boss – seems like I live there nowadays (OK, slight exaggeration, I’ve been there 3 times in 3 weeks).

Should be a good weekend – well, aren’t they all?

I’m definitely going to try to save some money – as I mentioned, I need to buy new stuff (especially a bed…shu’up bu’er) but the weekends tend to call to me: “Drink beer snee, drink MORE beer…”

Well, we’ll see…

A sterling performance from England against the Croats on Wednesday – OK, they were down to 10 men, but I still expected us to get turned over and instead we came away with a 1-4 win and top the qualifying group (admittedly it’s only early days, but a good away win has settled the nerves of the supporters at least – the team MUST be feeling good. It was quite funny actually, as my Setanta card hadn’t arrived and I couldn’t find a reliable stream on t’interweb for the game, I ended up watching it in the bar – Darren (Honič) and Brian (honič too) were there – both fissed as parts, arguing about Capello’s squad selection…RIGHT IN MY DAMN EAR. To say I was slightly miffed would be an under exaggeration – they both went quiet for a couple of seconds, cue me:

“Whoa! do you hear that?”
“What?” they both say, looking puzzled.
“The game – I can hear the game!” says I, all smiles.
“…” says them.

Brian had just been shouting saying about how Walcott should never have been picked, when what happens? Oh yes, he scores a cracker of a goal πŸ™‚

A moment’s pause, then he goes on to say how yes, it was a great goal, but he still shouldn’t have been picked.

So what happened in the second half? that’s right, he scores again – a carbon copy of the first. Heh – that ended the Walcott dispute.

When Jenas came on as a sub, of course I started the “Yid army!” chant – must to Brian’s disgust (he’s a Chelski fan and still can’t get over us beating them in the Carling Cup final last year)

“Jenas is a w*nker.” he stated.

And what happened next? oh yes, Jenas took the ball all the wayto the line, played a beautiful cross to Rooney, who promptly stuck it in the back of the net – 0-3 to us πŸ™‚

When Walcott zinged in his third (I think these were his first goals for England – definitely his first hat-trick). When he was substituted late in the game, he came off to loads of applause from the fans (I think most of the Croatian fans had left by then πŸ™‚ ). After the final whistle, on trots Walcott, looking left and right – he wanted his match ball.

For a Gooner, the boy done good…

Jenas, Walcott, Rooney, Heskey

Jenas, Walcott, Rooney, Heskey

And so England march on – next match is October 11th against Kazakhstan at Wembley…c’mon England!

Heh – bet y’all have missed the football posts eh?

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