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It’s the wait…

So, here I sit at 8.21am, waiting for the tickets for the Foo Fighters to go on sale for MK Bowl…this, today, is my “raison d’etre” πŸ™‚

But while I wait (impatiently), I’ll type some random stuff here (no change there then huh?)

Firstly, the papers are reporting that Bale is now worth Β£50 million to the big clubs – allegedly. I say allegedly, because Spurs would have to want to sell him (or him want to leave) for a figure to be actually put on him, and as Spurs now have a squad of committed long-term players who can see we’re onto big things here – they all want to be part of it.

Incidentally, it was worked out that Bale ran 37 yards in 3.5 seconds the other night to setup the third goal – the old great Spurs players have all commented that he’s very close to being the perfect winger, pace, vision, and crucially – the end product, whether it be a shot or a cross, is spot on. The standard English remark after mentioning Bale is: “Why couldn’t he be English?” This guy is great – you listen to his post match interviews (and he’s NEVER even out of breath) and he’s so modest – I felt quite sorry for him after the first game at the San Siro – his second half performance and hattrick silenced the San Siro (well, not the Spurs end πŸ˜‰ ) yet he didn’t even seem to care about SCORING 3 GOALS AGAINST THE BEST CLUB TEAM IN THE WORLD, ON THEIR OWN GROUND, that night in his interview, he WAS Spurs – on the night they hadn’t won, but they had scared the shit out of the Italian giants, and his own personal achievement was put aside for the time being.

27 minutes to go…

I’ve not blogged much lately about myself – well, that’s ‘cos not a great deal has been happening, I’m in my semi-hibernation mode avoiding people now until new year (apart from Pendulum at Wembley Arena on December 3rd πŸ™‚ ). I’m also trying to not see/speak to certain people – it just keeps hurting me, so I’m doing the big thing and attempting (again) to move on…we’ll see how that goes eh?

Well, better get some work done (by that I mean get more coffee) – ciao.

A new month

My head hurts (quit the smug grin Rik) – I may have had 1 or 20 too many last night…

But hey, it’s all good. Got the Foos on REALLY LOUD to blow away the cobwebs (maybe wake the neighbours too, but it’s 11 and everyone should be up), pot of coffee for fortification, and a hot bath waiting to soothe my weary bones.

It’s not often I play pool, but last night I got the itch to play a few games – I like to play the odd game or 4, but it gets boring so quickly. I should start playing snooker more…anyway, I played to my usual top standards, got the usual “Why don’t you play for a team?” (I used to – 20 years ago 😐 ), then quickly got bored with the whole thing and had a couple of vodkas…then it got hazy – I know I should NEVER drink AfterShock – I tell people this, but always seem to end up drinking the foul stuff – and it always makes a reappearance. Sigh.

Ah…’My Hero’ just came on – whenever I hear this live it reminds me of Lee, I miss you mate πŸ™

The caffeine seems to have kicked in now…just need some motivation to get my arse off this chair…


For the last few days, I’ve been working on a multimedia machine for myself – wirelessly linked to my network to access my music and films. Digging around in a box of stuff – I have many, many boxes of old computer gear, makes for a great afternoon going through them (that’s really geeky isn’t it?). Anyway, I found a USB Freeview TV tuner (Asus My Cinema U-3000) and decided to throw it in and use that.


Device installs like a charm – no problems THERE. But when you try to actually use the software to watch a TV channel…it just doesn’t work – logs show NOTHING, it just. Doesn’t. Work.

Tried downloading countless thirdparty progs to try to get the fecker to work – nothing does. Now I know why the damn thing was in the box of bits…

So I just bought another one of Ebay – this one has a remote control too (woo!) so I don’t have to use my phone to control what I’m listening to/watching (Salling Clicker on my Nokia N95 8GB works fine – easy to write new scripts too).

That little USB fecker will not defeat me though – I will get it to actually show a TV channel.

OK, I (sort of) have a plan for the day:

  1. Get off this chair.
  2. Drink more coffee.
  3. Have a bath.
  4. Check the plugs on the Galaxy.
  5. Change clothes ‘cos I’m bound to get covered in oil and muck.
  6. Hit Tesco for some bread for sandwiches tomorrow.
  7. Get some dinner.
  8. Drink a few beers
  9. Home, bed.

Actually, if I switch 3 and 4 around it makes better sense…

6 weeks until Morroco πŸ™‚

Foos @ Wembley


7 months waiting since I booked the tickets but was it worth it? oh yes…:)

My second visit to Wembley – I saw the England under 21s play Italy last year – but the roar when the Foos came on stage was unbelievable. I don’t know how many people were there – around 100000 I reckon, and EVERYONE was singing along – I don’t think I’ll ever see a band perform that’ll beat them…

I took a few photos and videos – I’ll get round to uploading them to YouTube and Flickr soon – right now I’m off to Strawberry Fair in Cambridge.

On a bright note – I’ve got my voice back now πŸ™‚

Oh, and I managed to get a piece of the hallowed turf too – that’s gonna be my new pet πŸ˜€

EDIT: When I was at Wembley, I phoned my mate Lee. I just found out this morning he died last night – drowned. Rest in peace mate.

Foo Fighters

I got my tickets!

Foo Fighters Tickets Wembley

Roll on Friday…:)

Black 24

Another weekend almost over – another good one though πŸ™‚ got to see my friends before they move back to the US, got back to town Friday night and decided to grab a couple of quick beers so I parked up at home and walked into town.

Now, to set the scene: My original plan was to stay over at my friends and drive back Saturday, but I came back. Harriett is taking it easy with a bad back so she was only going to the cinema with her friend.

Unbeknown to me, Harriett had got back and decided to have ‘1 or 2’ drinks – this turned out to be a mixture of allsorts and she was just a little drunk – here’s a video I took:

I’d just like to add, that no wheelie bins or Harriett’s were harmed or mistreated in this video.

Saturday morning I missed a special delivery from the postman – it’s GOT to be my Foo Fighters tickets πŸ™‚ – I can’t wait – had these ordered since November. That’ll be Harriett and me next Friday – Wembley stadium πŸ˜€

The week after that I finish on Friday 13th (ruh, roh) and am off until the 26th πŸ˜†

I’m so looking forward to my holiday….

Oh yeah, you might wonder about the title of this post – When my friends said they were going to Vegas, that’s the first thing that popped into my head…I’m sure there’s a joke about voices in your head and black 24 – probably on Sickipedia somewhere.

Phones…love 'em or hate 'em…

Way back in 2000, I made the comment that I’d never have a mobile phone…

Skip forward a couple of years and now I feel naked if my phone isn’t within reach – I just upgraded to the Nokia N95 8gb:

Nokia N95 8gb

I love it! it does just about everything πŸ™‚ the camera (5 megapixel) is sharp, the wireless network browser works a treat – I’ve only had it a week, but it’s my baby…still have to setup the GPS and assign voice tags to contacts – all that fun stuff.

I’m all paid up for my holiday in June (that’s gonna be a great month – Foo Fighters at Wembley on the 6th, then fly off to sunny Spain on the 17th for a week with Harriett, the kids, her mum and Richard).

I goto hospital next Monday so they can assess whether the op to remove the plate and screws from my ankle (booked on the 24th April) will go ahead – I hope it does, the screws are working their way out and even wearing socks is quite painful. Of course, the scar won’t be as neat as it looks now…

Recently a few friends have commented that I look like I’ve lost weight so yesterday I weighed myself – I’ve put ON 4lb, not lost weight. I have cut down on my beer intake so I’ve lost the bit of a beer belly I had. I’ve no idea where the 4lb has gone to. Got to exercise more so I’ve got a 6 pack to show off on the beach πŸ™‚

Time to goto work – I hate this cold weather, it plays havoc with my ankle. This time last year it was warm and sunny.

Next Tuesday is one year to the day that Harriett and I first got together – a year and we’ve not really had an argument (well, trivial stuff, mainly sexual *grin*).

I could go on about work, how B757 jacks are my nemesis right now, but that’d just bore y’all.

Why can’t I be funny like Scaryduck?

Oh, I’m still really into driving – I love it – so relaxing just cruising about. Harriett’s put me on her insurance for her car and her campervan and I can borrow a company vehicle pretty much anytime so I don’t even need to spend out on a car of my own right now…life is good.

Missed a day

Well, The fiasco that was the England game seriously made me sad…so sad I turned to the liquid known as ‘Tequila’ and oh boy did I suffer yesterday – I actually got up fine and came into work, then the evil drink started it’s work on my tender head – I ended up going home at 1 as I felt so bad.

Couple of hours sleep sorted me out fine though – then I realised I hadn’t checked my Lotto ticket from Wednesday night…result! Β£100 πŸ™‚

Tickets went on sale today for Foo Fighters at Wembley next June – I’m waiting for an email confirmation I’ve managed to hook a couple – keep your fingers and everything else crossed.

EDIT: I’ve got 2 tickets for the Foo Fighters! wooooohooooooo!!! πŸ™‚ this is one deliriously happy snee…roll on June 6.


Words cannot put across how happy I am right now – lost the chance to see them at V Festival (for the right reasons though), tried to get to see just about all of their shows in the UK (sold out too damn quick) – but FINALLY I’m gonna see ’em πŸ™‚

It’s all gravy…

The week just got better

Anyone who’d been reading a few of my recent posts would realise I’m just a little upset at missing the Foo Fighters at V – not that I’d change taking Hat to first aid and sitting with her.

Anyway, I’d looked on their website and there was nothing about any tours coming up so I was gonna have to settle for a live video…

…and then:

Got a text message on my phone today – from O2 (my provider). πŸ˜€ I can get priority tickets for the Foo Fighters at the O2 Arena in November from Friday!!!

I’m starting to think it’s my destiny to see them live this year…now all I need is a bit more good luck and actually win VIP tickets… πŸ˜›

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