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A really quick (10 minutes ’til I go home) lazy Friday post…

Courtesy of the annals of B3ta:

There’s a girl you like. Big time. You adore her. She’s perfect. And she’s single. You flirt a little, but it goes nowhere. She’s wary of being hurt or messed around.

My friend Tom was that guy. And after nearly a year of groundwork and being turned down times beyond number, the girl, the perfect girl, finally agrees to go out on a date.

Tom is beside himself. ‘I’ll take her to the finest restaurant in town. The new Thai one – it’ll be perfect. For weeks, he rants and raves, gushes and giggles. Tom is on cloud nine.

We’re all rooting for Tom. As D-Day approaches, we slap him on the back, ease his nerves and wish him well.

On the night itself, most of us have forgotten, or merely pushed it to the back of our minds.

Not Alan. Oh, no. Alan’s car turns up outside everyone’s house at 8PM, beeping like a maniac. What’s going on?

Ten minutes later the answer is clear – we’re parked opposite the new Thai place. And look, just inside is Tom, the perfect gentleman, the happiest man in the world.

Al begs silence. Al’s phone appears. A number is dialed. Not a whisper is heard.

“Hello, Thai Kingom?”

“Good evening, this is doctor Wilkinson of Grantham Hospital – could you please pass on a message to a gentleman I believe is dining with you tonight? A Mr Thomas Lastname? Yes, please, could you tell him that his wife has just gone into labour? Thank you. Good evening.”

The helpful manager strolls over to the table. We lip read. Word for word, the message is relayed. The girl stands up. Slaps him. Leaves. He runs after her. A few steps outside he pauses, then stops.

He sees our car. He sees his friends in stitches. He clicks. He screams. He runs towards the car, profanities flying. Five people are laughing so hard that they are in danger of having a cardiac arrest. The car lurches away.

We avoid Tom for three weeks….

Bloody winter

Sigh…snow on the car again this morning, and Corina had thoughtfully turned the heating FULL ON in the office before leaving last night.


It was like walking into an oven when I got in…left the door and windows open while I turned it way down so I could breathe and my poor computers could actually get some cooling air to them – I also have a cunning plan:

I’m coming in over the weekend to ‘modify’ the thermostat on the heater in the main office, and set it to a comfortable maximum heat – the heater in my office will just have the switch disabled πŸ˜€

Is it just me that can’t function with electric heaters? they dry my eyes out and make me sleepy – if it gets cold, I put on a sweater (and when it gets infeasibly hot – as it so often does in the UK /sarcasm – I play the game where I slowly strip off clothing in the office to see how long it takes Corina/the boss to notice…this also serves to make sure nobody steals my chair πŸ˜› )

Have a good Friday all πŸ™‚

A quick Friday post…

It’s bloody cold here, and I don’t really like the cold – it makes my ankle throb like fuck and me in general just miserable…

Still, it IS Friday (half day, payday) so I shouldn’t really moan too much πŸ™‚

Busy afternoon ahead – got to deliver the car and it’ll be about 5 before I get back, then nice long soak in the bath and off to the Tudor for a night of drunken debauchery (typical Friday night then πŸ˜‰ ). Last Friday was really good – seems I’m gonna have to call by and drag Bob out kicking and screaming as he reckons he’s not out tonight (Ha!).

Then tomorrow, off to see Marina in London πŸ™‚

Woohoo! πŸ˜€

I WAS planning on going to V Festival this weekend, but circumstances beyond my control (begins with ‘H’, has 8 letters, and ends in ‘arriett’) prevented this – so I’m quietly fuming.

One day I’ll learn to be a proper bastard and stop listening to other people.

Anyway, Friday – let’s check what’s what:

  • Bi-weekly backup? check
  • Pay? OK, I was paid in advance last week, so check
  • Coffee? Thanks, I’d love one…wait, maybe I’ve had too many already

3 and a bit hours to go… *looks around* and about 30 minutes worth of work. Hmm…I could always boot up the tower I bought in from home and install Linux on it – that’ll while away the hours πŸ™‚

Played badminton again last night – I’m really getting into it (translates as: I didn’t sweat as much as the previous week), followed by one or seven pints in the Tudor.

Well, looks like this weekend is going to be much the same as previous ones, rather than sitting in a field pissed up listening to various bands while drinking Stella and partaking of various chemicals, I’ll be, um, sitting in the Tudor, drinking Carlsberg, partaking of various chemicals and maybe watching some football.

Hmm…just tried catching up on the latest football transfer rumours on – but it keeps crashing Firefox (I even tried internet explorer and that crashed too…). Still, looks like Berbatov is still a Spurs player (for now) although, apparently Man Utd. have delayed their team photograph so they can include him…

*Gets coffee*

3 hours to go…

It’s no good – I’ve got to do something…

EDIT: It’s 12.30 – half an hour to go…

*starts shutting down computers slowly*


As I may have mentioned once or twice, I spend much of my working day (good job my boss doesn’t read my blog…) reading the QOTW on πŸ™‚

This weeks’ QOTW (that’s ‘question of the week’) is ‘Pointless experiments‘ and it’s hilarious – I’ve only ead 3 pages (slow morning…) and my nose is sore from laughing so hard coffee comes out of it.

It’s Friday! πŸ™‚ yay!

Payday, half day, start of the weekend…

I LOVE Fridays πŸ™‚

Anyone fancy meeting me for a beer (or 20) later?

Oh yeah, I posted a Youtube video that Rikaitch had on his site – go there (I’m too lazy to put it here…) and check out one he posted on Wednesday – makes for a good laugh…

EDIT: A post on the B3ta QOTW pointed me to this link πŸ™‚

SECOND EDIT: β€œNo, my gun is quite blunt” is the wrong answer to the question β€œIs there anything sharp in your hand luggage?”


Just over an hour to go until the weekend…and to make myself at least sound busy, I’m adding some more inane ramblings.

I’m sure I posted pics of my ankle when I first broke it 18 months ago. Well, it’s finally healed – no open cuts or anything now (just a manky looking scar – will post a pic at some point). The MRSA I contraacted after the initial op meant everything took it’s time – it was about this time last year that the wound finally closed up, then I had a couple of months with everything all hunkydory. Then the screws started working their way out meaning wearing work boots or even socks was extremely painful. Then came the op to remove all the metalwork in April…3 months it’s taken for THAT cut to heal.

The fact that it was still pretty much open when I was in Spain meant that any trip to the beach meant me having to cover it and absolutely NO swimming in the (polluted) Med.

Still, all’s well that end well…

Still an hour to go.

Looks like I’m off to Milan in September – most likely the week after my birthday (the 16th, my 40th – buy me gifts/give me money/get me drunk). I’m going with Dennis (Czech guy from the Tudor) as he’s a really good mate and to be honest, the whole trip is geared to football so taking a woman would be kind of a waste (added to the fact I’m womanless at the moment πŸ™ )

Should be a memorable weekend – San Siro, drink (lots of), good food, Italian women…

ANOTHER EDIT: I took a pic of my ankle:

All fixed

All fixed

It doesn’t look too good – I’ve seen similar scars that are tiny white lines, but this is me and I’m fixed πŸ™‚

Weee…Friday again


Spurs got a 1-1 draw in Cyprus last night to win 7-2 on aggregate and go through to the group stages of the UEFA Cup (draw takes place on Tuesday). Now all we need to do is pickup our League form – Liverpool away tomorrow, that wold be a great place to start winning and get us out of the bottom three…

Munich Air Show next week – boss asked me to ‘tweak’ his business cards for him to include the alliance with Singapore Technologies and also to get some for myself. This led me to ponder for 10 minutes or so – what job title should I give myself? of course the first thought was ‘refreshment co-ordinator’ (teaboy), that always makes me giggle like a girl. Then I briefly played with something in sales – but whether to be a manager or a director? nah, it’s got to be something in IT. This led to more pondering. Finally I settled on ‘Systems Administrator’ sounds pretty impressive but vague…a bit like what I do πŸ™‚

Anyway, it’s Friday, I finish in 4 hours – get a nice fat wedge in my pocket and start my weekend – did I ever mention how much I love Fridays?

I love Fridays

They rock! two reasons really:

1) We only work half day πŸ™‚
2) It’s payday πŸ˜€

And so here I sit – it’s just gone 11 so I have a mere 2 hours until the weekend starts – woohoo!

Corina cracks me up – I just got back into the office and she’s given me a message from a customer. As she had taken somewhat sketchy details, I said I’d call them and see what exactly they needed and asked her for the number.

She then picked up an A4 sheet of paper and tore off the smallest corner with the details one – this is standard procedure for Corina, She ALWAYS gives me numbers/messages on pieces of paper so small that, should I be caught behind enemy lines, I would have no trouble eating the paper thus preventing important company information being seen… 😐

Bless her…

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