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What’s it all about? – this internet business?

I know from experience it’s a great way for companies to communicate across vast distances…

But, what’s it all about? I mean REALLY?

I’ve made so many friends over this ‘internet’ thing – fuck, you’re reading this for why? friends are friends whether they be people you meet up with regularly, or maybe just people you know..

I reckon 90% of the regular visitors to my blog are people I’ve never met – and yet they are my friends, people I share something with – people I relate to. I hate seeing them (their blog posts) sad, I’m so happy when they post happily…I laugh when they post a funny entry…I feel for them when they’re down. I honestly wish all their posts were like mine – I try to be light hearted and funny (yeah, try and sue me you fuckers), but it hurts me when they hurt – it really does. My life is going great right now – but I feel for my friends πŸ™‚

So…I’m giving a HUGE hug to those who read this, you know who you are πŸ™‚ I’m not perfect – far from it, but I know you’ll be there when I need it πŸ™‚


I’m annoyed. No, that’s wrong – I’m EXTREMELY annoyed.

I can count my true friends on (just about) both hands, and I’d do anything for them. When they ask me for anything, be it advice, or help with something, I just do it – that’s me. It’s part of me I learnt from my dad.

When they ask for advice though, and then go and do the fucking opposite, it pisses me off – why fucking ask if you’re not going to listen?

Whether they be male or female, the advice I give is as unbiased as I can possibly be – I don’t mind going miles out of my way to do anything for them, but for fuck’s sake, at least be decent enough to say “Thanks Paul, but I’d rather do this…” or “S’ok, I’ve got this one sorted…”

I’m fucking annoyed. That’s all.

On a lighter note – Spurs play NEC Nijmegen tomorrow in the UEFA Cup – COYS! (at least they’re being consistent right now…)


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