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snee – computer whisperer

It’s that time of the month again…no, I’m not bleeding or anything – I mean Microshite just released the monthly updates πŸ™‚

I love it…I can guarantee 4 out of 10 computers will have issues with the updates, and who do people call? who is the only one in town who can talk them through problems over the phone?

That’d be me – and I’m not blowing my own trumpet (too much) here – there’s a reason my mates refer to me as ‘The Matrix’, I have this sixth sense when it comes to sick computers – my brother has the same thing with cars. The Bennett’s have awesome genes it seems πŸ™‚ Read the rest of this entry »

Geek Friday

Geek quote: “Powerpoint is a tool used by tools to say nothing.”

This made me snigger uncontrollably as the consultant we’ve got in to bring the ISO stuff up to date etc. insists on doing EVERYTHING in Powerpoint…

Personally, the only MS product I use (other than Windows XP Pro) is Excel* – every other app is third party…Firefox for a browser, Thunderbird for email, PageMaker for layouts (I will take a look at InDesign sometime), and other Adobe products: Illustrator, Photoshop…the list goes on.

* Think I’ll take off what little of Office is on my PC and install OpenOffice

Oh, the Foo Fighter tickets sold out in minutes for the Saturday πŸ™ (They’re up on ebay priced at Β£100+ each now – fuckers).

A quick 'n' dirty geek post ('cos I know deep down y'all love 'em)

Today has been mostly scripting so I’m like this: πŸ™‚

The scripting has involved databases – we use FileMaker Pro. I like FileMaker, it’s easy to use and seemed to do exactly what I wanted of it. Lately however, I’ve been frustrated by my inability to achieve what I think the program is up to (yes, this has depressed me greatly – I hate being beat).

Today though, I tried out FileMaker Pro 11 and OMG – this is me NOW: πŸ˜€

The scripting in it is so, so much better than the version we had before (*cough* 5.5) – it does what I want!!! πŸ™‚

Spurs v Young Boys tonight – COYS!

EDIT: A 4-0 win on the night (6-3 on aggregate) sees us into the draw tomorrow πŸ˜€ woop, woop!

Random Friday stuff

Whilst moving between offices this morning, I happened upon TGND so settled in for a bit of a geeky chat.

It all started promisingly:

“Have you heard of Geek Squad?” he asks.
“It rings a vague bell.” says I.
“I’m gonna call them and have a dictaphone to record them…” he goes on, with an evil smirk.
“Why’s that?” I enquire.
“I’m gonna ask them some questions regarding Linux, and when they say they don’t do Linux, I’m gonna say ‘What kind of geeks are you? you’re not geeks, you’re nerds!'”

I had to agree with him there.

The conversation then went on with me noting that there was only 1/2 hour and an hour until the weekend (I have no idea why I said it that way either).

This led him to (mildly) rant about how old people say strange things regarding time: “5 and 20 to 4.” and such.

Somehow this led to us discussing whether time would exist after the end of the world (I know, I know). Personally I think it would:

“What’s the time now?”
“20 minutes past the end of the world…”
“Damn, did you set the video for Eastenders?”

Random Fridays – I love ’em

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