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Where has the sun gone?

It’s been one of those weeks – Monday was SUPPOSED to have been fairly easy for me…just a smidgen of paperwork to do before my trip to Hahn on the Tuesday/Wednesday.

I hadn’t figured in the Tim factor (AKA: fuck up factor) – as such I spent the day in the workshop trying to get the paperwork over there up to date, then making sure delivery notes etc. were all ready for stuff going out while I was away (I could have left it for Corina to do, but I like to be ahead in these things). After work, I had a quick computer job to do at a friend’s house, and then FINALLY home for dinner.

Early flight to Germany on Tuesday meant I was up at 4am (as was Lisa to make me a cup of tea before I left πŸ™‚ ) to get to the airport for my 6am flight. Now, usually the Germans are very good with everything being arranged and things should have been simple (i.e. land, get my security pass, head to the hangar and do my thang). This time however, it seemed nobody was aware of me arriving, so I spent a couple of hours wandering around the terminal until I finally got a call that my pass was ready and I’d be picked up in 5 minutes to go airside.

The airport at Hahn is a small one, but has a very silly ‘important zone’ in the centre – this meant that everytime I crossed the zone I had to go through the security check (same as regular airport check) – as I initially was taken to the line station, I went through the check, then they realised all the test gear was in the hangar so I had to go there, tested/inspected some equipment there, then loaded the test gear onto the van and drove back to the line station (back through security) to test the jacks located there.

So, I’d got everything on my list apart from one item, and that definitely wasn’t at the line station, so I decided to go back to the hangar and make sure it wasn’t there or in the stores (it wasn’t), then bring the rest of my equipment back to the line so it could be loaded on the next flight back to Stansted (uh huh – another trip through the security check).

Still, finally got done, got my reports all signed off, cleaned up and was given a lift to my hotel (which was very nice), showered, then sat outside in the glorious sunshine with a beer (or 3 πŸ˜‰ ). Of course, my flight home was the 6am flight the next day, so once again I was up at 4am to make sure I had time for breakfast (just a light one: juice, coffee, couple of croissants, scrambled eggs and toast) before heading back to the airport and flying home.

As Lisa had the day off, I decided to take it off also, so we strolled into town, had some lunch at the Bridge (not the best service/food I’ve had there – Lisa’s fish was so dry it was practically dust), then walked along the river to the Rivermill for a beer before heading back home via the Olde Sun for more refreshments of the alcoholic kind.

Today though, it hasn’t stopped raining – hope it clears up for the weekend (indeed – hope it stops soon as it’s curry night tonight).

Less than an hour to go until I finish work – better go do something constructive I guess…

I'm back!

Germany: nice country, shit food, people are ok.

The airshow was pretty good though – it’s good to get among the competition and find out what they’re up to πŸ˜‰ Spent a lot of time on the Mallaghan stand (aircraft loaders, toilet carts luggage handlers – not really our side of things) ‘cos they had Guinness on tap πŸ™‚ which was very nice…

Weather was great out there – 26 degrees yesterday πŸ™‚ so glad I managed to grab a free pair of shades from Dianne at the Semmco stand (gave her a stuffed cow in return).

What other freebies did I get? not many actually – some chocolate, Jagermeister, stuffed donkey…that’s about it…

And Corina arranged for me to goto Italy next week for testing in Rome – she’s arranged a flight out Monday morning and back in the evening so I’ve got to be at Stansted for 4am, and land back just before midnight – I’m sure she doesn’t realise this yet – but that’s a fucking long day!

Better get on with some work – just going through the emails is gonna take all morning…

Monday…I say we ban 'em

So, off to the delights of Germany tomorrow…did you just picture tumbleweed then too?

Oh, I’m sure it will be fun…I’m making sure I take 2 allowable forms of ID – my passport always causes a holdup – I look nothing like it now 😐

Oh well, better go dust off the shoes…

Normal service will resume sooner or later…

We did it again!

Kicked the German’s arses in their own backyard that is…not quite the 1-5 as before, but still a good result – as I mentioned, there’s no such thing as a friendly game against Germany πŸ™‚ My dad would have loved to see the game last night – as a child growing up in France during the war, his experiences of Germans was that of bullies, I guess some of that’s rubbed off on me although I try to treat people as individuals and try not to stereotype them…

But hey – WE BEAT THEM! πŸ˜€

Yesterday I mentioned that Tuesday was a record day for hits on this blog – well, that record was beaten again yesterday – 135 hits. I broke through 61,000 hits at about 2.15pm (my post shows the time of 3.08pm, but that’s because I’d forgotten to change the time in my settings (oart of me wants it to be summertime ALL the time).

Checking the comments I get (unless you’re a regular commenter, I have to approve comments), one this morning from Sara (a new visitor – hello πŸ™‚ ) ended with “May God bless you and keep you Baby P. Rest In Peace angel.” That says it all.

I read yesterday that Haringey head teachers had signed a petition saying that the head of Social Services should keep her job. Bullshit. She shouldn’t even wait to be sacked – she should have resigned when all this happened (August 2007). For those of you who haven’t seen it, the timeline of events is here. I dare anyone to read that and not be as angry as I am. Seriously, I’ve had some dealings with Social Services regarding my son, and the way I feel right now, they’d better not write, or, God forbid, call at my house – I just couldn’t be responsible for my actions.

I’m still not certain what I’ll do for Christmas this year – part of me just wants to get away somewhere sunny, while another part of me just wants to do my normal thing (get drunk and ignore the whole thing). I hate this time of year – my family know this, and never expect to see me in December (awaits comments on Scrooge etc.).

Did I mention we beat Germany last night? πŸ™‚

EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to mention it – as I wasn’t going to be driving today, I got ever so slightly drunk last night. I’ve got the hangover from hell today…sympathy please.

Football update

With a record (Ha!) of just 2 clean sheets from 18 starts, it seems Gomes’ is no longer the first choice goalkeeper for Spurs. Apparently ‘Arry has recalled Ben Alnwick (aged 21) from his loan spell at wherever.

This makes me think – just how bad can the reserve keeper (Cesar) actually be? with Blackburn coming to the Lane on Saturday, our old ‘keeper Robinson makes his first visit back – and how he must be grinning. He’s found his form again, and must be laughing his socks off at the hapless Gomes.

Don’t get me wrong – Gomes has made some stunning saves, but these are overshadowed by the howlers he’s made resulting in Spurs being (once again) in the relegation zone.

Darren Bent is second in the high scorers table, the whole team is playing with spirit – seems everyone is keen to show ‘Arry just what they can do…except Gomes.

So, England have a ‘friendly’ against Germany on Wednesday (is there such a thing?) and memories of September 1st, 2001 (10 days before the world went to shit) will be in EVERY England fan out there. Will Bent get a start? will Lennon work his magic? will The Hud stun us with a 30 plus yard strike?

Anyway, back to Spurs – 3 home games: Blackburn, Everton, then Manchester United. If we can take 7 points from these, we’re back in midtable for Christmas…


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