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Pimping Giffgaff

So, you may or not know that my mobile phone provider is Giffgaff – very good service and cheap rates on calls abroad and everything.

Well, Giffgaff are having a draw for Amazon vouchers – I get an entry into the draw for every unique click on my personalised order link (I also earn £5 for every activated SIM, and the SIM gets £5 extra credit after the initial top-up).

So, click here to enter me 🙂

Vodacon – an update

So, a few more emails have gone back and forth – what they are saying now is that only 5-10% of calls are recorded and they’d need the sales agent’s name to find the call made to me. This sounds like bullshit to me – surely it would be marked on my account who had ‘sold’ me a contract?

Anyway, I posted my woes on the Giffgaff forum and got this reply:

Oh Vodafone! How they continue to live on their old reputation, but are one of the naffest networks about.

Ok I had problems with Vodafone and I managed to break away from an 18 month contract 6 months early. What I did was I wrote a full blown complaint to their CEO by email. Trust me this works.

The email for the current Vodafone CEO is and also copy 

Make sure you emphasise that you was falsely led to believe that you was on a 30 day rolling contract, you are disgusted with the service you have received and would like to cancel ASAP.

Should work, let us know how you get on.

Looks like I’ll be getting another email out tonight 🙂

EDIT: Quiet afternoon at work – email sent 🙂

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