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    Start the way you mean to go on…

    Which is why I’m hungover, drinking copius amounts of strong coffee, having carrots 🙂 So, Noel Gallagher has left Oasis. This means that I was present at their last ever gig – woo! Despite what reviews I’ve read, the set was a good one, crowd was absolutely packed (I was about 25 foot from the stage, look for an orange flag with a black bull on it on videos, and I was about 4 foot behind that 🙂 ), everyone was dancing (no choice really – it was THAT packed) Apparently, Salabanzi are playing over the riverside park this afternoon […]

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    Staying in on a Friday night

    Yup, that’s what I did – I stayed in. Must be old age I hear you cry…probably right, but the various substances and vodka played a key part – I was too wasted to go out. Apparently, one day I’ll grow up… Whatever… EDIT: breakfast = remains of the vodka in a glass that smells of Sambucca and a coffee…should make for a good day… 2nd EDIT: I’m hungover…I hate those creeping hangovers – you wake up fine, spring out of bed, then slowly, oh so slowly, your head starts gaining pounds until it feels like a 25kg weight and […]

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