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Bloody hayfever!

I’m so sick of it now…my nose won’t stop running, I’m sneezing like a mad thing, my eyes are sore, and I’m starting to feel really down about it.

I’ve never had it this bad/long before – I’ve got a pollen calendar but can’t seem to pinpoint what it is that’s affecting me. It’s a sorry thing to pray for rain every day πŸ™

If it weren’t for the fact I have to plug my nose with toilet paper to sleep, I’d just give up and stay in bed until autumn…

So, to recap: I’m pissed off, and feeling VERY sorry for myself.

Nag, nag, nag…

So I don’t post for a couple of weeks…I can think of one recently married woman who’s not blogged in a while – not mentioning any names bu’er.

Well, I’m starting to REALLY enjoy tolerate nettle tea now – and it really does seem to ease hayfever symptoms. Tesco have sold out so a lot of people must like it or something…

Well, I had a great weekend – spent it down with Kathy et famille ‘dahn sarf’ (septics will have to google it πŸ˜‰ ), weather was great (not too much sneezing etc.), stunning countryside (look, we don’t have hills around here – I’m just not used to them), and the company was, as ever, just great. Weekend started really on Saturday with a sword fight in Westgate, St Neots* where I lost a limb…well, almost…well, I came close to losing a limb…as close as you can get when the swords are made of foam πŸ™‚ fun though πŸ˜€

I should have bought a crocodile at a car boot sale. I saw it, and wanted it, but figured it’d be too expensive – without asking. Sigh…don’t think the cat would have liked it though…and how many people can say they’ve bought a crocodile at a car boot sale? I mean, I DID buy a crocodile’s head off eBay…but that’s different πŸ˜€

~~~ subliminal message ~~~

You want to buy a Ford Galaxy, 7 seater. Great condition, low mileage…email me.

~~~ end of subliminal message ~~~

And here, just to freak you out, are a pair of freaky eyes – bonus points to anyone correctly identifying them…I’ve had them lying around for ages and they’re getting dusty…



I’m gathering quite a collection of computers in my lounge again – up to 5 plus a laptop’s usually sitting in here somewhere…my record is having 7 all up and running, networked and running various operating systems – I’ll have to redo that one with the computers spread all over the house and wireless (not sure my old Macs will do wireless, but it’s worth a look…) – I think I’ll stop short of putting computers in the toilets though, if I ever start using Twitter, my entries would read like Scaryduck‘s blog: “done a poo”.

And with those words of wisdom, I’m off for a bath…ciao πŸ™‚

*I’d just like to add, that as far as I know, no pubs were hurt (not that I know of) during this violent episode in a shop.


What a beautiful Monday morning! πŸ™‚

Ok, that’s enough sarcasm…

It IS a nice day right now, but looks like rain – and oh boy, do I want it to rain. I’m suffering from hayfever and it’s making me miserable (nothing to do with having no sex this morning AT ALL).

Had a great weekend – spent it down with Kathy πŸ™‚ this means I missed the barbeque that Dennis and Ewa hosted at mine Friday night…this was worrying as I got no calls/texts Saturday so I was thinking the worst…house is still standing though.

Here’s a pic of Kathy (she’s the one with the smaller nose):


Oh, and football…Man Utd stole points from Spurs on Saturday with yet another dodgy refereeing decision – Gomes clearly got a hand to the ball, so there should never have been a penalty against Spurs. Without that, Gomes would have kept his cool and we’d have gone on to win the game. End. Of. Story.

I’m not allowed to say that Kathy a certain person is a witch – she merely predicted the correct score.

It’s only a game…

EDIT: So, apparently nettle tea is a ‘cure’ of sorts for hayfever. Well, it may be, but I couldn’t find any…I have nettle and peppermint tea, which I can reliably inform you is; TOTALLY FUCKING RANK!

This has been a public service announcement.

Oh, and it’s fucking hayfever you bastards – stop telling people I have swine flu!

Happy days

Well, I’m happy πŸ™‚

No, I’m VERY happy πŸ™‚

Got a new woman in my life and it’s going very well…very well indeed.

I was supposed to be going onto a 3 day week at work, but it seems that’s just a smokescreen of some kind – we need to downsize in our workshop and having the guys all thinking my hours have been reduced has them all wondering if their jobs are safe. On the plus side, this should mean productivity is up – time will tell.

Anyway, Kathy’s away for the week down in Cornwall (now THAT’D be a long drive if I were to go see her…) – our second week apart after my week in Morocco (did I mention I’d been to Morocco?). I’m off to Spain a week on Thursday for the day – testing at Ryanair in Girona, then bringing back as much tobacco as I can carry ‘cos it seems no-one is selling any in town nowadays so I’m gonna jump into the market and make a few quid πŸ™‚

Weather’s slowly turning nice – and I’ve got bloody hayfever πŸ™ looking at a pollen calendar, it seems I’m allergic to Ash and Birch tree pollen – should die out in a week or so though πŸ™‚ just in time for a trip to Spain, and then see Kathy (must book a couple of days off…)

And that’s about it…

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