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I hate housework…

I really should look into getting a cleaner in once a week or summat.

You (well, I) have to be in the mood to do anything cleaning-like, and that doesn’t happen too often…as I type this, I can see I unloaded half the dishwasher then gave up, did go shopping though, but got so bored in Tesco I ditched the trolley and left…

And so, Chelsea v Spurs later at 4 – and if I watch it in the pub, I’ll just end up drunk, and tomorrow is gonna be pretty hectic I think, so I’ll stay home and stream the game over t’internet, find something to eat and get an early night…

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before – but I hate Mondays 😐

14-16=41 (Blame whabbs – it's her fucked up maths)

Ah, so here we are at Monday again…but it’s a GREAT day! πŸ™‚

Managed to get loads of housework done over the weekend – still lots to do though (I’ve neglected it for too long), so I’ll crack onto it when I finish tonight while I’ve still got the motivation.

Busy at work today – loads to do (which is nice – makes the day buzz by so fast), might be up in Manchester tomorrow so that’ll be a nice day out for me πŸ™‚

And what makes me even happier? whabbs’ news πŸ™‚ go girl!

(Not) A lazy Saturday…

Have I been busy today or what?

Housework, housework, housework, beer, watch some TV, housework – that’s me today πŸ™‚

The house actually looks (quite) tidy for once…still got to sweep and mop the kitchen floor AND clear up my room, but on the whole I’m happy with my efforts today.

Got beer in the fridge ready for the Spurs v Man. Utd. game later – job’s a good ‘un!

Can’t stop eating today though – this is usually a sign that my sister is pregnant, but I think I’m just being a glutton to be honest.

Oh, and I broke 65000 hits yeasterday πŸ™‚

Update on the housework

Still not done any 😐


EDIT: Oh, yeah – Spurs lost 2-0…pffft.

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