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I’ll say it again: un-fucking-believable…

Last night Spurs hosted InterMilan at the Lane – see the post below for the match at the San Siro, where Bale showed the world what a class act he is.

Last night he didn’t score a goal himself, but his pace and vision ripped apart the Champions of Europe – probably the best club team in the world. The seeming ease he went past the top right back in the world (Maicon) – I’m betting after 30 minutes he’d wished he’d stayed home.

The newbies to the Champion’s League were utterly dominant last night, solid throughout, and everyone played their part awesomely – Spurs have shown they’re not scared of the big boys – the 2 matches we’ve played against Inter totalled 180 minutes – of that, 30 minutes were Inter’s, the rest was Spurs’…and most of that down to Bale:

Bale vs Maicon

And so, I give you the highlights:

Of course, no Spurs fan can forget that only 2 years ago we were stuck at the bottom of the Premier League with 3 points from 8 games. Then in came Redknapp as manager and turned it all around.

Thanks ‘Arry πŸ™‚


1-0 down in the 2nd minute, penalty and the goalkeeper off 2-0, 3-0 minutes later and going into the break 4-0 down…all seemed lost.

The second half though…totally beautiful Spurs – Bale scoring 3 almost identical superb goals – the first a 68 yard accelerating run and shot across the goalkeeper.

Losing 4-3 on the night – but showing the world what class we have…

The highlights (or lowlights for Spurs in the first half) it’s 2.28 in for those who want to skip the 4 Inter goals πŸ˜‰ :

Back at work

What a great weekend πŸ™‚ Milan is a beautiful city – expensive though (some places wanted 16 euros for a beer!). As I mentioned, finding a restaurant that sells food (not just a sandwich) wasn’t the easiest thing…but the food was lovely.

The San Siro is a HUGE stadium – 85,000 capacity (not as big as Wembley then) – as you can see from the pictures, we went all over the place, Inter and AC’s dressing rooms, sat in the dugouts, stole a lump of turf πŸ˜‰ …that seems to be standard procedure for me now, everytime I go to a football ground, I end up with some of the turf.

The Duomo cathedral is very awe inspiring – a friend (Bruno) was talking about it before we went, saying we should sit in a bar opposite the cathedral and just look. Well, that part of town was VERY expensive, so we spent about an hour up on the roof (ok, much of the time was spent ogling the ladies).

The food – oh, the food…when you finally find a place to eat, the food is sooooo good. Dennis found out that ‘antipasta’ means starter, so while I had a lovely steak with potatoes and a delicious sauce, he had 3 slices of salami, some mushrooms all covered in olive oil – after this, he tended to order from the same part of the menu I was reading (hint: always follow my lead when food is involved – I do like my food…).

I mentioned Burger King – I know it’s a typical Brit abroad thing to eat English food, I refused to go into any of the McDonalds out there, and even directed someone to Burger King when they wanted McDonalds (heh, I’m sure they’d thank me…) – anyway, you can buy a beer there! πŸ™‚ and it’s cheap! (2.70 euros), and it’s open 24 hours! and it was opposite our hotel! all this is why it was the late night snack place of choice prior to going back to the hotel.

Of course, landing at Heathrow was a bit of a shock – Milan was warm (about 21 degrees), London was cold, wet, and well, London 😐 Must admit though, Terminal 5 is enormous. The baggage handling was impressive, took about 4 minutes to get from the plane to the baggage reclaim, and my bag was there already πŸ™‚ most importantly, the bottle of vodka in it was still intact πŸ˜€

Pictures are just about uploaded – off to go add descriptions now πŸ™‚

EDIT: Oh yes, Rik – there ARE MILFS in Milan, and they have lovely pert arses. I always thought Italian women tended to spread as they aged, but it seems the lack of food places there means they don’t eat, they just buy shoes and handbags.

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