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It’s not all fun and games…

So, I realised from work that something was up with my home internet connection – I could use remote desktop to login, but trying to send an email failed…

Got home and checked things out – the IP looked good, everything did actually, I just couldn’t connect to any website. Being the helpful chap I am, I rang BT to let them know while I set my connection to use alternative DNS servers.

Of course, with working servers, my connection was back up to speed – it took 15 minutes for the BT helldesk monkey to pickup 😐

I had a play with a theme generator – I’ll have to tweak it all a bit though πŸ˜›


What’s it all about? – this internet business?

I know from experience it’s a great way for companies to communicate across vast distances…

But, what’s it all about? I mean REALLY?

I’ve made so many friends over this ‘internet’ thing – fuck, you’re reading this for why? friends are friends whether they be people you meet up with regularly, or maybe just people you know..

I reckon 90% of the regular visitors to my blog are people I’ve never met – and yet they are my friends, people I share something with – people I relate to. I hate seeing them (their blog posts) sad, I’m so happy when they post happily…I laugh when they post a funny entry…I feel for them when they’re down. I honestly wish all their posts were like mine – I try to be light hearted and funny (yeah, try and sue me you fuckers), but it hurts me when they hurt – it really does. My life is going great right now – but I feel for my friends πŸ™‚

So…I’m giving a HUGE hug to those who read this, you know who you are πŸ™‚ I’m not perfect – far from it, but I know you’ll be there when I need it πŸ™‚

Been a while

Not been blogging too much recently – 2 reasons: I’ve not been up to much different (work, beer, Harriett), and I have no internet connection at home right now.

I will be getting back online at home – it’s just not a priority right now, I have other things to sort out first…and to be honest, I’m not really missing it – I can check emails at work and if the worst comes to the worst, I can always use a dialup connection (remember those?) on my laptop, or hitchhike on an unsecured wifi connection.

My birthday on Sunday – I’ll be a whole 39 years old 😯 wonder what the next year will bring…

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