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Back ache and sciatica

Anyone who has had back pain resulting in sciatica will agree with me when I say: “It fucking hurts!”

Basically, the idea is to treat the sciatica with drugs (woo!) and exercise to ‘move’ the pain back into the lower back, where, after the intense pain of sciatica, it feels like nothing.

Or something like that…

Anyhoo…after a couple of weeks of pretty bad pain, I think I’m finally through it – well, it’s not unbearable now, and I fully understand that once you mess up your back, you’re pretty much messed up for life. Sigh.

Seems to be going really well with Kathy – didn’t get to see her last week (we all went out in town to commemorate 1 year since Lee died – RIP mate), so I’ll be down this weekend πŸ™‚

Works out quite well actually – I’m down in Gatwick Monday, so looks like I can stop over at hers, and go from there Monday morning (saves me battling the traffic on the A1 in the rush hour)

A new month

My head hurts (quit the smug grin Rik) – I may have had 1 or 20 too many last night…

But hey, it’s all good. Got the Foos on REALLY LOUD to blow away the cobwebs (maybe wake the neighbours too, but it’s 11 and everyone should be up), pot of coffee for fortification, and a hot bath waiting to soothe my weary bones.

It’s not often I play pool, but last night I got the itch to play a few games – I like to play the odd game or 4, but it gets boring so quickly. I should start playing snooker more…anyway, I played to my usual top standards, got the usual “Why don’t you play for a team?” (I used to – 20 years ago 😐 ), then quickly got bored with the whole thing and had a couple of vodkas…then it got hazy – I know I should NEVER drink AfterShock – I tell people this, but always seem to end up drinking the foul stuff – and it always makes a reappearance. Sigh.

Ah…’My Hero’ just came on – whenever I hear this live it reminds me of Lee, I miss you mate πŸ™

The caffeine seems to have kicked in now…just need some motivation to get my arse off this chair…


For the last few days, I’ve been working on a multimedia machine for myself – wirelessly linked to my network to access my music and films. Digging around in a box of stuff – I have many, many boxes of old computer gear, makes for a great afternoon going through them (that’s really geeky isn’t it?). Anyway, I found a USB Freeview TV tuner (Asus My Cinema U-3000) and decided to throw it in and use that.


Device installs like a charm – no problems THERE. But when you try to actually use the software to watch a TV channel…it just doesn’t work – logs show NOTHING, it just. Doesn’t. Work.

Tried downloading countless thirdparty progs to try to get the fecker to work – nothing does. Now I know why the damn thing was in the box of bits…

So I just bought another one of Ebay – this one has a remote control too (woo!) so I don’t have to use my phone to control what I’m listening to/watching (Salling Clicker on my Nokia N95 8GB works fine – easy to write new scripts too).

That little USB fecker will not defeat me though – I will get it to actually show a TV channel.

OK, I (sort of) have a plan for the day:

  1. Get off this chair.
  2. Drink more coffee.
  3. Have a bath.
  4. Check the plugs on the Galaxy.
  5. Change clothes ‘cos I’m bound to get covered in oil and muck.
  6. Hit Tesco for some bread for sandwiches tomorrow.
  7. Get some dinner.
  8. Drink a few beers
  9. Home, bed.

Actually, if I switch 3 and 4 around it makes better sense…

6 weeks until Morroco πŸ™‚

The resurgance continues


Well, seems my earlier prediction wasn’t too far off – I was wrong it seems about ‘Arry not caring too much about the UEFA cup – he put out a team that annihiliated Dinamo Zagreb last night (apparently – I was too busy getting drunk to care to be honest).

At least one side of life is going well…I struck out again in the relationship stakes – the woman I was seeing turned out to be married, and I’m not going down that road again, so she’s dumped.


I miss Lee – I’d do anything to talk to him right now πŸ™

EDIT: Been looking at the pictures on the BBC site about last night’s football – this shot of Ronaldinho made me think:

I may have sat in that seat…

And now off to see if I can find some footage of the game…

Heh – found it…

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