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Fourth round…

Spurs play Leeds tomorrow at 5.15 in the FA Cup 4th round – this is the Leeds that knocked Man Utd out last round, and the Spurs that are playing random football – great win one week, dropping points where we should be getting all 3 the next…

Hopefully Lennon will be back pretty soon – his speed is dangerous to defences.

After a terrible result at Anfield mid week, Spurs need a convincing win to get the spirits back up so we can carry on going for that champions League spot…

Now I’ve bored you all with the football πŸ™‚ looks like a sort of long weekend for me – Monday I’m working from home on the company website, so what I’ll probably do is a few hours here and there over the weekend, re-aquaint myself with HTML and CSS a little (I’ve let some work go because I couldn’t be bothered with web design – and I could really do with the money right now), if I can get motivation I’ve a lot I could get done right now…meh.

Been a strange week – I’m in one of those “don’t really like people in general” moods, and every day I just couldn’t wait to get back home – I’m definitely turning into a grumpy old man πŸ˜€ I did get round to my mum’s today though – my cousin was over from Australia so had to see her before she goes back and I was there early so got to chat with mum too – bonus! (plus, being there first, I got the big cow mug so l’il sis couldn’t have it πŸ™‚ double bonus!). Childish huh? but this from 2 (alleged) adults who still do the “I can see the monument!” thing when driving to Yarmouth – the monument being roughly the halfway point, it was, as kids, we always used to stop for a break – of course, we always hated it on the way to our holiday, and wanted to keep going, while on the way back, we wanted to stay there maybe another night? πŸ™‚ ah, childhood…apparently one day I’ll grow out of it?

Reminds me of the joke:

My girlfriend says I’m easily distracted,Β  bu… oooooh a light!

And that is exactly me if you change ‘easily distracted’ for ‘shit scared of just about any form of commitment’…once again, meh.

And now I’m off for a bath, then maybe out for a couple of beers – playing snooker in the morning so gotta be sharp…


Now, this SHOULD be a blog saying how awesome V Festival was…

Bleah – but I didn’t go…does it show that I’m still feeling a little bit miffed about it?

To add insult to injury, I was sitting at home last night, having spent a few hours (since leaving work actually) in the bar when I got a call from Harriett – could she come round and borrow my computer to check out something on t’interweb?

Being the nice guy I am (and also quite stoned), I said yes.

So she turns up and starts looking for tickets for Leeds/Reading and Creamfields festivals 😐

Tickets go on sale for V Festival 2009 today – give it a week or two to get some cash together then I’m getting mine for Chelmsford next year – not gonna miss out again like I did this year. Watching coverage on TV, it looked excellent…

Anyway, the weekend ended up being a carbon copy of previous weekends – if you’ve not seen my YouTube page recently, here’s what happened when Bruno fell asleep in the Tudor and we all built a fort around him from chairs/stools etc.

It’s all fun…and yes, I was really wasted, but I still managed to get the whole thing on video (unlike Liam, who I had to bluetooth it to ‘cos he missed the stack falling…)

As a footnote, I’d like to add that Bruno was (mostly) unharmed.

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