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Mini laptops – netbooks?

Weird things really…very compact (and as such, not too useful for touch typing), and the solid state hard drives apparently are a lot faster.

I’ve had a few in my grubby mitts over the last year – and now I’ve got another – the Elonex OneT+ which runs a stripped down version of Linux (when I say stripped down, I mean no root access, no apparent way to install software…). The person who’s PC it is would really like a version of Windows on it (CE most likely – not sure about XP), but reading up on it, it seems the USB ports are good for keyboards and mice, but not for USB memory sticks (WTF? it’s marketed for schoolkids to do their homework etc. on – don’t most of them use USB memory stricks now?), and so I’m finding it hard to get it to boot other media – probably have to put the windows installer on an SD card and try booting from that…

So, this is what’s keeping my mind busy at the moment 🙂 happy days…

I can see me putting a full linux distro on it in the end though…heh

Other than that, I’m doing NOTHING – I’m back in hibernation.

Have a quickie (oo-er missus)

So, Windows eh?

I like XP (Professional, SP3). It’s stable*, and you can get rid of all the girly crap and make it look like Win2K.

Vista is shit. Total shit – it has no saving graces whatsoever. When Lee died, it took me about 4 months to crack his laptop running Vista as he’d listened to me and put on the Password From Hell™.

Anyway, using the skills I acquired while cracking Vista security, I now have a bootable CD with various utilities to reset passwords, and run AV scans and the like (what’s very handy is the ability to mount NTFS volumes in read AND write mode to delete those bastard .exe/.dll files that some malware install).

So, t’other day I was given my first Windows 7 computer to crack…45 seconds later (I kid you not), the job was done.

My opinion? Windows 7 looks like Vista (so I didn’t really want to play with it for long), the security has gone backwards, and I’m sticking with XP Pro/various Linux distros for the foreseeable future.

That is all – jog on.

Random Friday stuff

Whilst moving between offices this morning, I happened upon TGND so settled in for a bit of a geeky chat.

It all started promisingly:

“Have you heard of Geek Squad?” he asks.
“It rings a vague bell.” says I.
“I’m gonna call them and have a dictaphone to record them…” he goes on, with an evil smirk.
“Why’s that?” I enquire.
“I’m gonna ask them some questions regarding Linux, and when they say they don’t do Linux, I’m gonna say ‘What kind of geeks are you? you’re not geeks, you’re nerds!'”

I had to agree with him there.

The conversation then went on with me noting that there was only 1/2 hour and an hour until the weekend (I have no idea why I said it that way either).

This led him to (mildly) rant about how old people say strange things regarding time: “5 and 20 to 4.” and such.

Somehow this led to us discussing whether time would exist after the end of the world (I know, I know). Personally I think it would:

“What’s the time now?”
“20 minutes past the end of the world…”
“Damn, did you set the video for Eastenders?”

Random Fridays – I love ’em

If you're not wasted at the weekend…

…then the weekend’s wasted.

Well, that’s not strictly true – I had a great weekend and didn’t get falling-down drunk (or anywhere near that) once.

Went to an ‘all you can eat’ chinese buffet yesterday – it was awesome. I ate so much I actually waddled. Spent the afternoon lying down quietly kinda dozing too.

Found this link among the QOTW replies on today – it made me laugh.

Sigh, I’ve just been insulted 🙁 Let me explain: The other day I’d burnt a CD for Corina (google ‘envelope fetish’) and, because she lives just round the corner form me, I decided to run it round rather than take it into work the next day. I knocked on the door and her husband answered it, I said “Hi, can you give this to Corina please?”, smiled and left – job done.

Today Corina said “Oh yeah, I have to apologise to you…” cue me looking confused – “Why?” I ask.
“Well, when you dropped that CD off, Andrew didn’t recognise you and thought you were a double glazing salesman.”

Of course, there’s not a great deal you can say to that but look at my picture – do I LOOK like a double glazing salesman?…but for some obscure reason it made me ponder the following:

Is a windowlicker the same as a Windows liker? (and can that be classed as a Linux joke?)

Another week

<sarcasm>Oh I love Mondays…</sarcasm>

Actually, as they go, today’s not been too bad really – couldn’t be bothered to make sandwiches this morning so I got Tony to go to the chippy for me. Also, ‘cos I’ve been pretty damn busy, the time seems to be zooming by 🙂 soon be time to go home.

Got my new PC on Friday – Harriett lent me her car so I could go pick it up…then I ended up being the ‘designated driver’ for the day as she had a few (I reckon about 6 pints) drinks and was WAY over the limit. Of course, this meant I bought her a few vodkas then took her home and had my wicked way with her 😛

Was an excellent weekend – I didn’t drink a great deal (Friday and Saturday I was mostly driving so stayed off the beer), got Harriett’s PC sorted out and mine up and running – downloaded a trial copy of Windows XP Pro 64 bit today, I’ll have a look and see if that runs the software I use and if it’s any better than the regular 32 bit version.

Talking of operating systems, I’m almost at the stage where I’m gonna convert totally to Linux – got a very fast system now with loads of RAM, so I can easily run Linux and use Wine to run any Windows program that doesn’t have a Linux port – I’ll let you know when I make the final move away from Gates.

Now my blog is located on the WordPress servers, this frees up the Freehostia webspace I have for other things…most likely I’ll (eventually) develop some kind of website to bring me more private work…

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