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Another great weekend

Lisa didn’t have the kids this weekend, so we went out for a drink Friday and Saturday night. Our usual thing is head to the King’s Head for a couple, play some pool (Lisa is quite the player – beating me more and more now), then head off to the Pig and Falcon to listen to whatever band is playing.

Sunday means an invite to Bri and Von’s for dinner (Von is a great cook πŸ™‚ ). This week Tash (Von’s youngest daughter), and Bob were also there, so a fun afternoon was spent (Spurs played Blackburn in the football and beat them 1-2 so our unbeaten run is now 6 games – Chelsea lost to QPR which didn’t go down too well with Bri…).

As Lisa isn’t working today (half-term and no childminder for today), she decided we should go for a drink before heading home – so back to the King’s Head for drinks and pool.

A good weekend all in all πŸ™‚

So, this morning, sitting in the office looking at the news etc., I found the UK Citizenship test and decided to have a go – I failed, scoring 10 out of 24 (42%) 😐

Long drives, flights and cuddly toys…

The Munich air show is on this week, and we (the boss and I) went yesterday. This entailed me getting up at 2am to drive to Gatwick airport for the flight, so a long day (I got home about 9pm).

Weather out there was nice though (it generally is for the show), met a lot of people, and most importantly, got 3 cuddly toys (2 hippos for Kira and Carys, and a polar bear for Lisa – hence her comment on the post below).

I seem to be traveling for work a lot now – looks like a trip to Dublin to meet up with Ryanair and try to get them on a contract is on the cards in the next week or so, then a trip to Madrid, Spain to talk with a supplier and look around their factory.

Oh well… πŸ˜›

The herding instinct

So, as it was a bank holiday on Monday (a GENUINE one – not one of my ‘I thought it was’ jobbies), and Lisa didn’t have the kids, we decided on a day in sunny Bedford. Well, actually, we decided to go see a film, but got there really early so went for breakfast first (mmm…breakfast).

This is where we ended up – and I must say it looks pretty good (so good in fact, that we decided to go back there for a meal sometime – but more about that later).

On entering, we decided to both have a full English breakfast, with the option of fried, scrambled, or poached eggs, and approached the bar.

Now, to say the guy who took our order didn’t seem quite the full shilling would be putting it mildly – he faffed about with the touch screen to order our food, neglected to ask how we wanted our eggs (important that bit), and finally said “Where are you sitting? I’ll bring the drinks over.”

We pointed to a table and went and sat down at it. I said to Lisa that he’d probably ask the egg question (no, not which came first…) when he bought the drinks over – alas this was not to be – a woman bought them to us and wandered off.

Now, having paid almost Β£20 for 2 breakfasts and drinks, it was a little disconcerting to see that we both had fried eggs when the food arrived – and that the eggs were what I call ‘snotty’. I was hungry so ate mine anyway – Lisa left hers.

It was the owner who collected our plates when we were done and he asked if everything was ok. “Not really,” was our reply and explained how we’d had no option regarding the eggs, and how they weren’t really cooked properly. He was apologetic, and spoke to the guy who served us. Imagine our surprise when a couple of minutes later, another guy came over with a refund for the food πŸ™‚ bonus!

From there, we went to the cinema and watched ‘The Inbetweeners’ – wasn’t overly impressed with that to be honest.

Then we went for a late lunch (I know it sounds like we ate a lot in a short time, but we really didn’t), and back home.

The end.

Oh yeah – the herding instinct bit: Being the first into the cinema, we had the pick of the seats, so chose (in my opinion), the best ones. We sat there for a few minutes and more people started coming in. Now, faced with an empty cinema to sit in, they panicked and the herding instinct kicked in, making them sit close to us – as more and more people entered, they did the same – it was actually quite sad.

A good day all in all πŸ™‚

Where has the sun gone?

It’s been one of those weeks – Monday was SUPPOSED to have been fairly easy for me…just a smidgen of paperwork to do before my trip to Hahn on the Tuesday/Wednesday.

I hadn’t figured in the Tim factor (AKA: fuck up factor) – as such I spent the day in the workshop trying to get the paperwork over there up to date, then making sure delivery notes etc. were all ready for stuff going out while I was away (I could have left it for Corina to do, but I like to be ahead in these things). After work, I had a quick computer job to do at a friend’s house, and then FINALLY home for dinner.

Early flight to Germany on Tuesday meant I was up at 4am (as was Lisa to make me a cup of tea before I left πŸ™‚ ) to get to the airport for my 6am flight. Now, usually the Germans are very good with everything being arranged and things should have been simple (i.e. land, get my security pass, head to the hangar and do my thang). This time however, it seemed nobody was aware of me arriving, so I spent a couple of hours wandering around the terminal until I finally got a call that my pass was ready and I’d be picked up in 5 minutes to go airside.

The airport at Hahn is a small one, but has a very silly ‘important zone’ in the centre – this meant that everytime I crossed the zone I had to go through the security check (same as regular airport check) – as I initially was taken to the line station, I went through the check, then they realised all the test gear was in the hangar so I had to go there, tested/inspected some equipment there, then loaded the test gear onto the van and drove back to the line station (back through security) to test the jacks located there.

So, I’d got everything on my list apart from one item, and that definitely wasn’t at the line station, so I decided to go back to the hangar and make sure it wasn’t there or in the stores (it wasn’t), then bring the rest of my equipment back to the line so it could be loaded on the next flight back to Stansted (uh huh – another trip through the security check).

Still, finally got done, got my reports all signed off, cleaned up and was given a lift to my hotel (which was very nice), showered, then sat outside in the glorious sunshine with a beer (or 3 πŸ˜‰ ). Of course, my flight home was the 6am flight the next day, so once again I was up at 4am to make sure I had time for breakfast (just a light one: juice, coffee, couple of croissants, scrambled eggs and toast) before heading back to the airport and flying home.

As Lisa had the day off, I decided to take it off also, so we strolled into town, had some lunch at the Bridge (not the best service/food I’ve had there – Lisa’s fish was so dry it was practically dust), then walked along the river to the Rivermill for a beer before heading back home via the Olde Sun for more refreshments of the alcoholic kind.

Today though, it hasn’t stopped raining – hope it clears up for the weekend (indeed – hope it stops soon as it’s curry night tonight).

Less than an hour to go until I finish work – better go do something constructive I guess…

Apparently I “move too quietly”


Tuesday is steak night at the Gash (the local Wetherspoon), so Darren and I decided to go and eat some cow.

A pleasant evening was had – lots of chatting while eating our cow-based meals, and a couple of pints were imbibed (it’s quite weird going out on a Tuesday night – you don’t want to drink too much ‘cos it’s not even halfway through the week*)

Leaving relatively early, I arrived back at Lisa’s at about 9.30 or so and let myself in – this in itself is a relatively noisy affair, as my key tends to stick a bit, so I mutter to myself trying to free it. After successfully retrieving the key form the outside of the lock, closing the door and relocking it (then the 30 second struggle to get the key out of the lock again), I took off my shoes and wandered into the lounge where the delightful Lisa had her back to me, sorting out ironing and stuff.

Not wanting to surprise her by speaking, I sat on the edge of the sofa and watched her while making faces at the cat sat on the windowsill. Some 10 minutes later, she finally noticed me.

Hence the comment “I move too quietly.”

Pffft – would it be better to sound like an elephant running around I ask you?

*Thursday night (curry night!) is a different matter – I only work half a day on the Friday so can cope with being slightly hungover.

Spider hands, spider hands…

So, laying in bed last night, Lisa was rubbing my back, when she suddenly stopped, looked slightly worried, then dissolved in streams of laughter (and I’m talking STREAMS – tears were running down her face etc.)

I finally got her to say what was up, and her reply?

“I was rubbing your back, and saw my hand on your shoulder and thought it was a spider…”


You just can’t make this stuff up…

Been a long week: up to Prestwick on Tuesday to test and inspect all of their jacks/tooling while they’re on summer shutdown (the aircrafdt industry generally do all their maintenance in the winter months when they aren’t flying so many aircraft).

Flew back Thursday afternoon so THAT’S why I’ve not blogged…

A new link in my Blogroll…

Uh huh, thanks no doubt to Arie’s subtle hints, Lisa’s gone and got herself a blog πŸ™‚

Another great weekend

Saturday was spent laying concrete at my mum’s (that would be Bob and me) in the hot sun – at least we had a mixer this time (good job too, we used 1 tonne of ballast!). Got most of it done now, just a little bit more to do next weekend. Mum fed us too – woop, woop!

Sunday I went to London with Lisa and the girls (Carys and Kira). Was a lovely day wandering about, visiting The Clink and SeaLife.

Kira winds her mum up by saying “I’m hers” – here’s the pictorial proof:


EDIT: I changed my favicon too – it’s now an icon-sized version of this:

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