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Heh heh…

Another good Friday (that’d make a GREAT film name), spoke to Psycho Tony and made my point clear, drank the pub out of Stella, sent another text to Harriett declaring my undying love etc. then came home and opened a bottle of red wine.

The travesty is, having risen from my pit, I noticed I’d not finished the bottle (my dad would’ve given me so much stick for that – it’s just not the Bennett/French way) so, glass of cheeky Merlot for pre-breakfast, then quick bath and down to the Gash for brekkie.

As an aside: you know you were shit-faced when you realise you were using a Β£20 note as a coaster…

I love my life πŸ™‚

Chilled out

So here I am on a Friday evening – had some dinner and am sitting here with a lovely bottle of Merlot watching series 5 of Dexter πŸ™‚

I got hooked on this show from when I was seeing Marina (was that really a year ago?) and it just gets better and better. Series 4 ended with such a shock ending that I thought that was it – only recently did I find yet another series and I’m loving it πŸ™‚

It’s the perfect show really – a mix of CSI and dark humour. When I started watching the first few episodes of series 1, I saw a lot in common with the main character except that I don’t go around murdering people…yet (gimme time – there’s still a few days of this fucking silly season to go), but now I feel he’s like an old friend and his on screen sister (real life wife) is luuuuuurvely πŸ™‚

Gotta go – my wine is getting cold πŸ™‚

EDIT: well, wine’s all gone so I switched to beer…will be sorry in the morning I guess. And Dexter? just finished watching episode 9 – got 10 to see and 11 is downloading (too slowly it seems 😐 )

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