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Scared of the dark?

Just read a webpage during lunch and it reminded me of something, so I’ll just jot it down for y’all (I’ve probably mentioned it before, but it’s quite honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen).

When I was in Morocco earlier this year (don’t think I’ve mentioned I went to Morocco have I?), we all went on a 3 day trek into the desert. While in the camp, I was caught short in the night so wandered out of camp to relieve my bladder.

While peeing, I happened to look up, and was totally amazed – I mean, close to tears amazed – by the amount of stars. Obviously, in the desert, there’s no light pollution, so the sky was TOTALLY filled with twinkling stars.

For something like 15 minutes, I stood there, mouth agape, with my head back just staring – it was beautiful (I’ve actually got a lump in my throat thinking back to it). Living in towns you just get used to seeing the odd few stars of a night, but this was like a black blanket with millions of shining dots.

Of course, after a while, I came round, realised I was in the middle of a desert where anything could be lurking 10 feet away from me…and I still had my cock out.

So I zipped up, and hurried back to camp.

I don’t think I’ll ever see something that will affect me the same way again though* – and I guarantee everyone would say the same.

The next morning, I mentioned it to Dennis who said “I did the same.”

To sum it all up: “Sometimes you have to be go into the dark to see the light.”

No funneh today – just sharing one of those moments with you πŸ™‚

* No, I’m NOT referring to my cock here.

I've not blogged much recently…

But in my defence, I’ve been busy πŸ™‚

Busy getting back into the whole work routine after my holiday (I DID mention I went to Morocco didn’t I?), and busy seeing the Significant Other (Henceforth known as ‘SO’).

Yes, it’s true – I am officially no longer single πŸ™‚

Anyway, back to bloggy stuff:

Morocco was awesome – we went just about the right time of year, temperature was 29-31 every day so not too hot. The people there are amazing – it’s so good to see different cultures (and I don’t mean leaving a dinner plate under your bed for 3 weeks).

Camel riding is something I’ve done now – and I got the grumpiest camel EVER! (100% fact) – when we stopped for a rest, all the others just sat there quietly – mine had to have it’s legs tied 😐 bastard tried throwing me twice too!

Having said that, it was VERY surreal sending and receiving text messages from the back of a camel (yes, I did turn off my ‘Catchphrase’ SMS tone – didn’t want to annoy the camel any more than I obviously already was…). The sunset and sunrise in the desert was pretty spectacular, but nothing will compare to the night sky out there – so clear and so many stars. Couldn’t get a picture of it, but the image is clear as you like in my head πŸ™‚

After 3 days of peace and solitude in the desert and mountains, we were dropped back into the centre of Marrakech at about 8pm – the 3 of us stood there like startled rabbits, all the traffic and people, and the smell of exhaust fumes…

Couldn’t find the Riad we were staying in, so ended up paying some guy with a cart 20 Diarhams to carry our bags there. Beautiful place though – buried down a maze of alleyways – check it out here.

Managed to bring back a piece of Moroccan ‘chocolate’ and was sitting at home working on a computer having just rolled one, when Harriett turned up. Now I had the munchies, so had opened a bar of chocolate to munch on. Told Harriett to help herself if she wanted some, and jokingly added “Or try the Moroccan chocolate beside it…”

Next thing I know she’s saying “It doesn’t taste much like chocolate…” Cue both me and Dennis staring open mouthed then giggling “You ate some?”

Harriett nodded and we both collapsed on the floor laughing like mad things…

Bless her.

Of course, it took 3 days before my cat would even look at me when I got back – such a sulker…

Back to normal

After a glorious week, it’s so difficult to get back into the work routine.

Uploaded so many pics from Morocco to Flikr, have to check the videos I took now and get them on YouTube πŸ˜›

Moroccan food is so good πŸ™‚ hard to find beer really (but that was a mission we succeeded in!), tried the Moroccan ‘chocolate’ ;)…wow – totally wiped out from that :).

We managed to get lost twice (at least) – first night we took a taxi into the Medina, wandered about and had to get a taxi back to the hotel ‘cos we couldn’t find the 22km long, 25 foot high city wall 😐 then, when we were staying at a riad in the Medina, we went into the new part of the city and couldn’t find the bloody wall again! (in my defence though, my ‘spider sense’ was taking us the right sort of direction, and I practised my French – which was surprisingly good – getting directions).

The camel trek was great – we got to see loads of different countryside, mountains, gorges, donkeys, camels, cows, sheep, goats, people…and food! πŸ™‚

70 hours…

And we’ll be taking off for Morocco πŸ™‚

I really should start thinking about packing I guess…so much to do: get a haircut, have a shave (although I look kinda Muslim with my beard I’ve been told). Got to give Brian (lodger #1) instructions on feeding Gif – the cat will try to get extra food, greedy fat bastard!

And tomorrow is Ewa’s (lodger #2) birthday – Dennis will be back so we’ll go out and celebrate that, then Saturday to recover a little and off Sunday morning. Poor Harriett – she said she’d drive us to the airport, but didn’t realise the flight is 6am – that’s messed up her Saturday night out, she’ll have to go out Friday instead πŸ˜€ I’ll have to see if she wants to come out with Dennis, Ewa, me and whoever else is coming tomorrow…

I’m definitely in FULL HOLIDAY MODE now, and that’s not good – I have to concentrate on my work for the next day and a half to make sure nothing goes wrong while I’m away. I have instruction books/parts lists to finish, few quotes to chase up – should make the day go fast though πŸ™‚

Oh, did I mention I’m off to Morocco on Sunday? πŸ™‚

EDIT: I booked my holiday week off back in November so everyone here knows I’ll not be here – wasn’t a problem 😐

Until…Air Seychelles called the other day – they need their jacks tested for the end of next week. Now, we’re absolutely snowed under in the workshop and can’t afford anyone to be gone for a few days, so this is the one time I would have got to go to the Seychelles…but I’ll be in Morocco πŸ™

I’m toying with the idea of asking if they do a flight from Morocco to Seychelles so I could take a day off to test the jacks…

But NO! I’ll be on holiday…

And the week I get back, I’ll be down testing in Bristol.

Recession? what fecking recession – we’ve never been so busy…

Morocco on Sunday


I’m getting just a little bit excited about it – this time next week, I’ll be in glorious sunshine, no worries about work, or if it’s gonna rain…just beautiful scenery, food, and great company πŸ™‚

Not that I’m gloating (much) πŸ™‚

Heh…so – what’s everyone up to next week?

Happy days…

Great week (so far) at work – lots of orders coming in, work going out – all is good πŸ™‚

V Festival tickets go on sale March 6 – I’m definitely going this year, so gotta grab them when I can rather than relying on the roulette that is Ebay nearer the time (August 22-23 πŸ˜‰ ).

So anyway, I’m trying to save some money for my Morocco break. It seems so easy – I stay in, do housework and don’t spend money. What actually happens is: I stay in, stare at the housework waiting to be done, eat more, stare some more, then go to bed.

Tonight I WILL do housework…unless something else comes up in the meantime.

I also have a minor crisis – do I get my hair cut now and then probably again before I go away, or do I just leave it until then? ditto on shaving – although I think I’ll just grow another beard before going (I’m just lazy I guess…)

I actually gave my first thought to what I’m taking to Morocco last night – sunglasses of course, shorts, t shirts, couple of pairs of jeans, jumper and jacket (it gets cold at night in the desert apparently…)

Anyway, 3.5 weeks until then πŸ˜€ time to get my head out of holiday mode and back into work mode.


Cold weather…

I hate it. I’ve got the use of a company vehicle – a Ford Galaxy. It’s great, heated windscreen so it’s easy to defrost. The fact it has a seperate key for the doors and ignition means I go out in the morning, start it up, go back inside and have a coffee, then go out 10 minutes later and it’s all de-iced and toasty warm* πŸ™‚

Of course, the other day I had the van (no heated windscreen πŸ™ ), and left a friend’s house at 4am so I had to de-ice it, drive home, then de-ice it AGAIN when it was time to go to work 😐 – bugger…

Still, 8.5 weeks until I’m off to Morocco πŸ™‚

Work is going well – hopefully we’ll keep getting the orders in and general repair work seems to be consistent at the moment so (at the moment), my job appears to be fairly secure.

I’m glad I paid off my credit cards so I have minimal debt right now – you can never tell what’s gonna happen around the corner – seems businesses are failing here almost daily and I want to get my savings up so I have a ‘buffer’ against the unknown.

Whoa…reading back on that, I realised I might actually have picked up some maturity somewhere…

Well, the weekend starts tomorrow. My plan is to have a quiet one, do stuff around the house, and maybe goto the cinema to see ‘Slumdog Millionaire‘ – the trailers look pretty good, all I have to do now is get someoneΒ  to go with (nothing sadder than going on your own) – I asked Harriett if she’d like to go, she’s pretty down at the moment so it might be good for her too – and there’ll still be time to grab a few beers afterwards πŸ™‚

That’s me – a man with a (short term) plan.

Oh, and I got the best possible compliment a few days back – kept me smiling ever since πŸ™‚

Life is good.


Last night I had my first nightmare in absolutely YEARS.

I forget the details, but waking up at 2am screaming for my mum, with my heart thudding wasn’t something I enjoyed. Took about 30 minutes for my (normally pretty much perfect) heart rate to slow to normal, then another hour or so staring at the ceiling before I could get back to sleep.

Still woke up proper at 5am, so I called it quits and got up.

And so, numerous coffees later, I’m at work already wired – seems it may turn into a long day…

Also, I decided not to shave anymore this year – should have a pretty good beard by then – this seems to be an annual thing – it all started when I actually had a family time at Christmas, the beard was to discourage anyone taking photos of me. Nowadays though, I don’t mind my picture being taken.

Remember I mentioned I’m off to Morocco in March? (told you I’d be mentioning this more…) – well, tonight we book the flights πŸ™‚

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