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Lazy post…

So sue me – none of this content is my own – it’s all from here, but I like it 🙂

1. If your throat tickles, scratch your ear!
“When the nerves in the ear are stimulated, it creates a reflex in the throat that can cause a muscle spasm,” says Scott Schaffer, M.D., president of an ear, nose, and throat specialty center in Gibbsboro, New Jersey. “This spasm relieves the tickle.”

2. Experience supersonic hearing!
If you’re stuck chatting up a mumbler at a ~censored~ party, lean in with your right ear. It’s better than your left at following the rapid rhythms of speech, according to researchers at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. If, on the other hand, you’re trying to identify that song playing softly in the elevator, turn your left ear toward the sound. The left ear is better at picking up music tones.

3. Overcome your most primal urge!
Need to pee? No bathroom nearby? You are male? Then fantasize…
Thinking about sex preoccupies your brain, so you won’t feel as much discomfort, says Larry Lipshultz, M.D., chief of male reproductive medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine. Read the rest of this entry »

Remember me?

Well, that was another bank holiday weekend – did exactly what I was gonna do (absolutely nothing – no housework, no gardening – just vegged in front of the TV all weekend and ate loads).

The original plan was to borrow Harriett’s campervan and maybe go see a festival (Gatecrasher was on…) but she didn’t want me to go alone (yes, it DOES look like a collar and lead around my neck).

Still, back to work eh?

EDIT: And here I am – back at ‘Mission Control’. First in, all alone – just me and my coffee 🙁

Oh well, at least it’s not Monday 🙂 although, having said thatr, Tuesday’s ARE fast becomming the new Monday – weird huh? I find it easy to get up on a Monday morning (yesterday I was up about 5.30am), but come the first day back to work and I dragged my sorry arse out of bed at 6.40am.

Oh well, onwards and upwards – must make myself busy so the day goes quicker…wonder what I should do for dinner tonight?

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