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I’m not too happy…

Monday started well – had to shoot home to pickup a few things, and found that my landlord (Luminus Group) had contracted in some firm (BSG Property Services) to replace my leaking gutter (about time too – I’d only been complaining about it for about 5 years – but I digress).

Had to go back home about lunchtime and was sitting at my desk eating some lunch when there was a knock on the door – one of the BSG monkeys stood there looking sheepish (can monkeys actually do that?). Shuffling his feet, he (sheepishly?) asked if my phone line was ok – I checked – it was dead 😐 , no phone, no internet, no TV.

He apologised and said he’d been onto his office and they were arranging for a BT engineer to come out ASAP and get it sorted. No problem thought I, I’ll be back online by the time I got home.

Getting back to work, I had a few calls – first was the Luminus bod saying he’d heard what had happened, was very apologetic, and informed me that BSG were on the case to BT to get me connected again.

Next call was from Martin at BSG. Basically he said the same thing, but added that he’d given my mobile number to BT so they could contact me if they needed access to my house. I think I actually thanked him at this point…

Anyhoo, I got home to find a card from Openreach (the BT offshoot that carries out repairs) saying they needed access to repair the fault (why, I have no idea – the line was cut/knackered from the outside…).

Needless to say, I was not a happy snee.

Got on the phone to BT – god, I LOVE* their automated phone system – finally got a human to talk to. He was (for a call centre bloke), quite clued up and made sure it was noted that if access was needed, the engineer was to call my mobile – I work only 5 minutes from home so it would be easy to zip home, let them in, watch them doing their sorcery with little black boxes and such, then get back to work, happy in the knowledge I can surf for porn enjoy the merits of t’interweb.

No calls yesterday and my router is taunting me with it’s dead lights…feckers had better turn up today is all I can say.

And now I’m going to call BSG and demand some compensation – I mean, I’m trying to run a fledgling business from home and have no phone line (most customers will call that line first before a mobile number – too many chavs running dodgy scams from mobile numbers) and no internet access.

On another note, I shaved last night – first time I’ve been clean shaven since June 24th (Lee’s funeral – RIP mate).

At least it’s Wednesday – traditionally the day that the weekend is planned…last weekend was a good one – no idea as of yet what I’ll do this one coming though…

Oh well, best get on with some work – laters.

* May contain traces of sarcasm

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