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Spider hands, spider hands…

So, laying in bed last night, Lisa was rubbing my back, when she suddenly stopped, looked slightly worried, then dissolved in streams of laughter (and I’m talking STREAMS – tears were running down her face etc.)

I finally got her to say what was up, and her reply?

“I was rubbing your back, and saw my hand on your shoulder and thought it was a spider…”


You just can’t make this stuff up…

Been a long week: up to Prestwick on Tuesday to test and inspect all of their jacks/tooling while they’re on summer shutdown (the aircrafdt industry generally do all their maintenance in the winter months when they aren’t flying so many aircraft).

Flew back Thursday afternoon so THAT’S why I’ve not blogged…

This is my life:

So, off to Stansted early Thursday morning to catch a flight to Prestwick. Did my usual thing of stopping at the 24 hours garage before setting off and checked the oil, water, tyre pressures etc. (this does become relevant), then drove to Stansted, parked up in the long stay and jumped on the flight.

Arriving at Prestwick, I was surprised nobody met me off the flight as usually happens (I don’t have a security pass, so cannot go airside). I wandered up to the information desk (doubles as security) and asked if they had a number for the Ryanair hangar, explaining I was working there for the day.

“You can;t go airside without a pass.” said the (un)helpful woman behind the desk. I explained that I knew that, I just needed to get in touch with the hangar so someone could pick me up (it’s a few hundreds yards to the hangar airside, but about 3 miles to walk landside). I realised within minutes she wasn’t gonna help me, so I wandered off to where I took my security induction 6 months previously…

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Busy, busy, busy…

Since we got back to work after the break, it’s been non-stop with testing here and there.

Halfway through the month and I’ve still to go to Prestwick (that’ll be next Thursday), then off to Skavsta (Sweden) the following week. After those 2, I should have a bit of a break (by break, I mean be office bound for a month or so).

Just had an email regarding the schedule:

Drive to Prestwick?! OMG – 800 miles round trip with a shitload of work in between? um, I think I’ll fly thanks πŸ˜‰

Last time I was in Skavsta, it was July and the weather was beautiful. This time it’s the beginning of February and it’ll be COLD, so I might need to take a jacket πŸ˜› For Prestwick – well, it’s so mind numbingly boring up there, I’ll need valium or something 😐

EDIT: Just got my flight details through for Prestwick – I even get an overnight out of it πŸ™‚ (woo, great…nothing wrong with Scotland except for the fucking Scots – 1 in particular…). On a bright note, I’ll finally get to try haggis.

Why does it always seem to be me?

First I was caught up in the Icelandic ash cloud thing – yesterday was another case of ‘The Jinx of a snee Flying’.

So, I was due at Glasgow (Prestwick) airport yesterday to carry out load testing. As the boss was flying from Stansted too (slightly earlier than me), I picked him up – this meant my day started just after 3am.

Now the amount of equipment to be tested was enough to warrant a possible night out and second day to finish off, but with 12 hours once I landed, I figured I’d get it done in a day and be back home for about midnight.

Best laid plans and all that eh?

The weather was kinda overcast and cool so I worked hard and got the lot done (only failed 3 items too – would have been 4, but I fixed one jack onsite πŸ™‚ ), got a lift back to the airport (Ryanair hangar is about 20 minutes across the airfield – which is 900 acres), handed my security pass in, and wandered into the departure terminal…to find that ALL flights had been cancelled.

Of course, my first thought was “That bloody volcano!”, but it was apparently due to the French air traffic control striking (how that affects me flying down the west coast of England and across just under Birmingham I dunno). At least us in the terminal had it better than this lot stuck on the taxiway…

And so, landed this morning, drove back from Stansted (had to pay an extra Β£9.50 for the car park) and came straight into work πŸ™‚ what a guy huh?

And the fact it’s payday has nothing everything to do with it! πŸ˜€

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