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Mmm indeed!

Just back from 2 days in Spain load testing the deicing rigs in Girona and Reus, weather was beautiful and the beer was cold! πŸ™‚

Where has the sun gone?

It’s been one of those weeks – Monday was SUPPOSED to have been fairly easy for me…just a smidgen of paperwork to do before my trip to Hahn on the Tuesday/Wednesday.

I hadn’t figured in the Tim factor (AKA: fuck up factor) – as such I spent the day in the workshop trying to get the paperwork over there up to date, then making sure delivery notes etc. were all ready for stuff going out while I was away (I could have left it for Corina to do, but I like to be ahead in these things). After work, I had a quick computer job to do at a friend’s house, and then FINALLY home for dinner.

Early flight to Germany on Tuesday meant I was up at 4am (as was Lisa to make me a cup of tea before I left πŸ™‚ ) to get to the airport for my 6am flight. Now, usually the Germans are very good with everything being arranged and things should have been simple (i.e. land, get my security pass, head to the hangar and do my thang). This time however, it seemed nobody was aware of me arriving, so I spent a couple of hours wandering around the terminal until I finally got a call that my pass was ready and I’d be picked up in 5 minutes to go airside.

The airport at Hahn is a small one, but has a very silly ‘important zone’ in the centre – this meant that everytime I crossed the zone I had to go through the security check (same as regular airport check) – as I initially was taken to the line station, I went through the check, then they realised all the test gear was in the hangar so I had to go there, tested/inspected some equipment there, then loaded the test gear onto the van and drove back to the line station (back through security) to test the jacks located there.

So, I’d got everything on my list apart from one item, and that definitely wasn’t at the line station, so I decided to go back to the hangar and make sure it wasn’t there or in the stores (it wasn’t), then bring the rest of my equipment back to the line so it could be loaded on the next flight back to Stansted (uh huh – another trip through the security check).

Still, finally got done, got my reports all signed off, cleaned up and was given a lift to my hotel (which was very nice), showered, then sat outside in the glorious sunshine with a beer (or 3 πŸ˜‰ ). Of course, my flight home was the 6am flight the next day, so once again I was up at 4am to make sure I had time for breakfast (just a light one: juice, coffee, couple of croissants, scrambled eggs and toast) before heading back to the airport and flying home.

As Lisa had the day off, I decided to take it off also, so we strolled into town, had some lunch at the Bridge (not the best service/food I’ve had there – Lisa’s fish was so dry it was practically dust), then walked along the river to the Rivermill for a beer before heading back home via the Olde Sun for more refreshments of the alcoholic kind.

Today though, it hasn’t stopped raining – hope it clears up for the weekend (indeed – hope it stops soon as it’s curry night tonight).

Less than an hour to go until I finish work – better go do something constructive I guess…

Spider hands, spider hands…

So, laying in bed last night, Lisa was rubbing my back, when she suddenly stopped, looked slightly worried, then dissolved in streams of laughter (and I’m talking STREAMS – tears were running down her face etc.)

I finally got her to say what was up, and her reply?

“I was rubbing your back, and saw my hand on your shoulder and thought it was a spider…”


You just can’t make this stuff up…

Been a long week: up to Prestwick on Tuesday to test and inspect all of their jacks/tooling while they’re on summer shutdown (the aircrafdt industry generally do all their maintenance in the winter months when they aren’t flying so many aircraft).

Flew back Thursday afternoon so THAT’S why I’ve not blogged…

This is my life:

So, off to Stansted early Thursday morning to catch a flight to Prestwick. Did my usual thing of stopping at the 24 hours garage before setting off and checked the oil, water, tyre pressures etc. (this does become relevant), then drove to Stansted, parked up in the long stay and jumped on the flight.

Arriving at Prestwick, I was surprised nobody met me off the flight as usually happens (I don’t have a security pass, so cannot go airside). I wandered up to the information desk (doubles as security) and asked if they had a number for the Ryanair hangar, explaining I was working there for the day.

“You can;t go airside without a pass.” said the (un)helpful woman behind the desk. I explained that I knew that, I just needed to get in touch with the hangar so someone could pick me up (it’s a few hundreds yards to the hangar airside, but about 3 miles to walk landside). I realised within minutes she wasn’t gonna help me, so I wandered off to where I took my security induction 6 months previously…

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Busy, busy, busy…

Since we got back to work after the break, it’s been non-stop with testing here and there.

Halfway through the month and I’ve still to go to Prestwick (that’ll be next Thursday), then off to Skavsta (Sweden) the following week. After those 2, I should have a bit of a break (by break, I mean be office bound for a month or so).

Just had an email regarding the schedule:

Drive to Prestwick?! OMG – 800 miles round trip with a shitload of work in between? um, I think I’ll fly thanks πŸ˜‰

Last time I was in Skavsta, it was July and the weather was beautiful. This time it’s the beginning of February and it’ll be COLD, so I might need to take a jacket πŸ˜› For Prestwick – well, it’s so mind numbingly boring up there, I’ll need valium or something 😐

EDIT: Just got my flight details through for Prestwick – I even get an overnight out of it πŸ™‚ (woo, great…nothing wrong with Scotland except for the fucking Scots – 1 in particular…). On a bright note, I’ll finally get to try haggis.

What a start to the week

Ah Mondays…

I was due down at Stansted today – testing at Ryanair and for Aeropeople. Good few hours down there in the pouring rain and howling wind (poetic licence FTW), got back to the office and, as the rain was lashing down drenching me, my key broke in the office lock – fucksocks.

Managed to get the broken half out of the lock, but how to get in? I had to use all my redundant skills in gaining access*, then sent the boss a text “Can you get me an office key cut – mine’s broken” fully expecting not to hear from him (it’s his birthday today) and semi preparing to spend the night in the office 😐

Luckily he turned up a few minutes later and told me where the spare was (it’s now on my keyring πŸ˜‰ ) so all’s well that ends well..

I hate Mondays…

* All this done in pouring rain – but nobody cares πŸ™

Ok, I’m just about happy with the look now

So now all I have to do is write something… 😐

Well, seeing as we got a drubbing last night, I’ll not mention the football…

Work is good – looks like I’m off to Spain for the 6 monthly de-icer load testing (fly into Girona, perform test, drive to Reus, perform test, fly home). I’m still considering delaying the return flight for a week so I can have a (relatively) cheap holiday – I’d just have to pay for off-peak accommodation/food/beer πŸ™‚ I’ll have to check the money situation before I broach the subject with Ryanair.

Now, off to look at different plugins/widgets I can add here – the Flikr one is a must…

One of those weeks…

Monday I overslept and didn’t get into work until 10.30am – on arrival, the boss (relieved to see me actually in) asked if I’d go down to Stansted to carry out some testing onsite for Ryanair. Realising this was an ideal way to spend the day, I went – and all was good. Got back about 4pm and was then asked if I minded driving down to Portsmouth the next day to pickup 2 cylinders – seeing another day out, I happily agreed.

So, off I went in our little Peugeot Expert van – it looks like this:

Nice drive down there – I made sure to take a couple of CDs to listen to πŸ™‚

Loaded up the cylinders, and the rear axle looked like this:

Just ever so slightly overloaded I think…this picture was taken at Fleet services on the M3 (one of my favourite service stops – nice woodland setting, and there’s a Burger King πŸ™‚ )

I made good time too – set off about 10am and was back before 4pm – averaging about 50mph which is good considering I had to go on the M25 (aka: world’s largest car park), plus the poor van was struggling uphill on the way back…

The last hour in the office was a bit manic – so many messages for me (it’s nice to feel wanted πŸ˜‰ ) etc. so I was pretty much knackered by the time I left for home – and then it rained, and oh boy did it rain 😐 It rained so hard I thought I’d go see my mum rather than get soaked running from the car to my door, turned out this was a good move as I timed it perfectly for dinner πŸ™‚

So, a bite to eat, chat with mum, then back home for a bath and then to watch the Champion’s League first game on TV (Spurs are in it don’t cha know?).

And the game? well, it started superbly – Spurs went 0-2 up in 18 minutes (this was away to Werder Bremen in Germany), I was so happy, I was already dreaming up non-PC blog entries (“Yids* FINALLY beat the nazis Germans” was one that had me sniggering inside). Then, 2 minutes from half time we conceded a soft goal and the game ended up 2-2 when Bremen came out fighting for the second half and sdcored after just 2 minutes (we missed 2 sitters late on in the match which would have given us a great boost in the group standings).

As it happened, the other group game also ended 2-2, so we are now joint top of the group on away goals πŸ™‚

It’s the game on the 20th October I’m REALLY excited about though – Spurs travel to the San Siro in Milan to take on the champions Inter.

I’ve drifted off on the football there a bit…

Came into work today to find a bit of a puzzle regarding one of our customers – we service their jacks and recalibrate the load gauges on them as a contract. Now I’d got all the gauges calibrated, and had marked the serial number of the jack is was to be fitted to on the gauge itself, and the box itself – even the muppets in the workshop couldn’t get this wrong surely?


No, it seems that the customer has 3 extra certificates (???), and several gauges are on the wrong jacks (imagine a 15 tonnes capacity jack with a load gauge going up to 75 tonnes…), giving me an almighty headache – I’ll most likely have to go down to Luton, spend an hour or so clearing security to check EVERY jack and gauge without looking like a total dick in front of the customer. Corina will confirm that I am absolutely fuming right now – Tim the tit has done it again, although how he can possibly slide the blame for this onto me is a mystery – everything was clearly marked in permanent ink.

Still, back down to Ryanair at Stansted tomorrow – they have a new person in charge of GSE and she’s still learning the ropes (as it were), the first few months I’ll be kinda coaching her to let her know what items are due for test/inspection (I’m half planning to turn the testing in Spain into a week holiday for me πŸ˜‰ ) – deliver a couple of jacks, test some new equipment they’ve got in, grab a Burger King (heh – I LOVE Burger King, and the nearest one to town burnt down – yes, I’ve done all the ‘flame grilled’ jokes), and wander back to the office. The afternoon and Friday morning will be totally hectic though – boss is off to Singapore on Saturday for a week, Corina has next week booked as holiday, Tim is off for 2 weeks (it’s not all bad…), so I’ll be all on my own in the office but for Tuesday afternoon and a couple of hours Wednesday when Jenny comes in to do some accounts and pay the wages.

I’ve calmed down a bit now, time for a coffee and get some more work done. Have a good one y’all!

*Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur Football Club) are known as ‘Yids’ due to the predominantly Jewish population of north London (N17 – Tottenham). Apparently my t-shirt with ‘Yid Army’ on is now banned form the ground as it’s deemed to be racist – WTF? we (Spurs supporters) are quite happy to be referred to as Yids, and the greatest compliment a Spurs player can get is to be called Yid (i.e.: “Jermaine Defoe, yiddo”). Of course, arsenal (aka: the gooners), will always be referred to as ‘dirty gooner scum’ (supporters and players alike).

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