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I may have mentioned this once before…

But I fucking hate shitmas.

And the thing that pisses me off the most: morons who say “But it’s christmas!” as though I’m the sort of brainless, moronic twat who follows the other sheep.

Fuck off. You do your thing, I’ll do mine – just leave me be and go get on with spending your money on gifts for c*nts who don’t really give a flying fuck.

In about 5 weeks time, when the credit card bills hit the doormat, I’ll be the one with a smug grin on my face.


My (newest) nephew…

My L’il sis gave birth yesterday morning – this is James Lee:


So it’s not ALL bad this time of year…

I’m getting really fed up though – ended up doing some food shopping at 5am (very few sheep around at that time – I personally recommend it). I’d love to jump forward 2 weeks so this whole silly season is behind me.

I might get myself a punchbag so I can take my stress out on it…

It should be legal…

To kill anyone wearing those stupid santa hats.

Seriously, we could turn it into a game – 5 points for a housebrick between the eyes, 10 for catching them with a vehicle etc., etc.

Ok, maybe that’s a little excessive (but I don’t think so), but sheep are dumb animals…and the morons who wear the silly things are just as, if not, dumber.


Spurs held Man Utd. to a draw on Saturday and moved up to 14th in the league until Newcastle went above us on goal difference. Never mind, we’ve taken points off the ‘top 4’ now – COYS!

EDIT: The beard’s looking pretty impressive now – got to be 3, nearly 4 weeks worth now…and I’m not allowed to shave or trim until the New Year. It’s itchy as fuck, but taking a pint off Andy will make it all worth it.

Amusingly, someone told me last night that I looked about 30 with the beard 🙂

I’ll get a picture later…

EDIT: Here’s a pic – I took it myself so it’s not very good…


Don't mention knickers (or panties)

WordPress has a new look dashboard – I like it 🙂

And so here we are again – right at the edge of the weekend.

I’m determined to get ALL my shopping to last me the rest of the year so I don’t have to deal with the sheep.

Got back from testing onsite at Manchester yesterday. As ever, it was a good time – I get on well with the guy up there (Hi Martin), even if he’s a huge Man Utd. fan. Chances are now that it’ll be a Spurs v Man Utd. Carling Cup semi-final (4 teams still in it are Spurs, Man Utd., Derby and Burnley), so we stand a real chance of retaining the cup. We’ll find out who plays who when the draw is made on Saturday lunchtime.

Spurs are away to West Ham on Monday night – we need another win seeing as we slipped back down after losing to Everton. COYS!

Oh yeah, I just noticed that one of the top searches people use to get here is ‘poo pub’ WTF?

Did I ever mention…

That I hate this time of year?

No? well, I do – with a vengeance.

You know why? I can explain in one word: sheep.

Fucking sheep. They’re everywhere – walk down the High Street and they mill around with their stupid, fucking bovine faces and bags full of wrapping paper. Supermarkets are over-run with the dumb fuckers too – try popping in just for a loaf of bread.

And so my newest supermarket game was born on Saturday…

Now, the first (and best) game involved putting random items in unsupervised trollies – with higher marks for totally uneccessary items (shampoo for baldies, condoms for pensioners etc.). The new game isn’t really a game as such, but I get so irate when I go into supermarkets that I have to do something or I’ll committ mass murder.

So, when you come up behind some sheep blocking the aisle, just “BAAAAA!!!” in their ear while maintaining a normal face – they look round thinking “Did I REALLY hear someone baa at me?”, but they do get the fuck outta my way.

I hate shopping. I hate c*nting xmas. I hate sheep.

Altogether, I’m not in the best mood. Fuck off.

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